Jun. 22nd, 2009

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The end of Alleris' introductory story.

Chapter Sixteen )
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The main group finally sees some combat, as it comes under attack from a group of wolves. I’m trying something different this session. Since the party is traveling in two different wagons, I decided to try having them play simultaneously but in two separate channels. I feel the result was mostly positive, though a bit stressful on the poor DM and his legion of NPC’s, some of which were in wagon 1 and some in wagon 2.

Chapter Seventeen )
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The Elves and Lizard Men plan their course of action. And who is this Roget guy and what's he doing here?

Chapter Eighteen )
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Another Main group session... could there be something odd about those wolves?

Chapter Nineteen )
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Another main group session. Tajna cooks dinner. Apologies to Taros are in order. I thought he was in the channel and just multi-tasking for most of the session... It turns out, I had a major miscommunication and he didn't know it was going on...

Chapter Twenty )
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An uneventful day of travel from the Main group.

Chapter Twenty-One )
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My final entry for the day! Yes, I've been rather behind on getting these things spell/grammar checked and posted, I know! This session once again features the main group, and offers some major revelations/complications about Roget, the artifact the he stole from the church of Zanxia, and just exactly what the main group has gotten themselves into!

Chapter Twenty-Two )


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