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Salov takes Tajna shopping. ^_^ This was done over two sessions. The first one Started the last minute of Sunday, April 5th and went on into Monday, April 7th. The second Session took place on the afternoon of Wednesday April 8th.

Characters: Tajna - Eukara; Elissandra - Taros; Everyone Else - George “Underdog” Cockrell

Session Start: Sun Apr 5 23:59:09 2009

<>Ambiance<> Begin Chapter Seven

<>Ambiance<> Back with the main group, Tajna and Wimji have just been shown to their rooms. Salov has gone off to retrieve General Hanibal as the High Priestess Requested.

<>Ambiance<> Wimji, being a heavy sleeper and having basically not slept all night, nodded off immediately. Tajna, perhaps being a bit unnerved by the magic display from earlier took a while to nod off, but eventually, she took a nap as well.

* Elisandra hit the sack rather rapidly, having had an early wakeup that morning.

<>Ambiance<> Approximately 2.5 hours have passed.

<>Ambiance<> The Scene begins in the hall outside the guest rooms.

<Salov> Ah Kasparov, I see you have the new makeup kit for lady Tajna.

<Kasparov> Yeah, which room is she in? I'll take it to her.

<Salov> Actually, Major Fanwick is looking for you. Why don't you let me have that? I'll take it to her for you.

* Kasparov looks slightly upset. He sighs and hands the kit to Salov, grumbles something to himself, and heads off to Fanwick's quarters.

* Salov thinks “I hate lying to him, but... oh well, he deserves it.”

* Salov takes the kit, goes over to the door of Tajna's room, and knocks softly, not wanting to wake her if she is in a deep slumber.

* Tajna sucks in a deep breath as she awakens at the knock. She grabs for her daggers and then stops, realizing that she is in her room. She stands and walks slowly to the door. "Who is there?"

<Salov> It's Salov, lady Tajna. I have your makeup kit. If now is not a good time, I can come back...

<Tajna> No, is fine. I would probably feel better knowing that I have it in my possession.

* Tajna opens the door and smiles slightly.

* Salov hands the kit to Tajna and smiles at her.

<Tajna> Thanks. I hope it wasn't any trouble. But I wouldn't feel comfortable not having this. Saved my butt more times than I can count.

<Salov> You’re welcome lady Tajna. Oh and, by the way, I was wondering...

<Tajna> Yes?
<Salov> Would you like to have a look around the village? If you'd rather not, or if you're tired and want to rest, that’s quite alright

* Tajna thinks about Salov's proposal. --On one hand walking around a magic infested village is not attractive. But, I need my blades looked at. I don't trust the pigs that took my stuff when I was arrested.--

<Tajna> Actually, sleeping is not much of an option. And, I am curious about this place. I am not used to being where my kind's presence is enjoyed. And...well, I need some stuff looked at.

<Salov> Then I will be your guide if you wish.

* Salov bows.

* Tajna smiles at such courtesy. "Your company would be acceptable. I need to have my daggers and throwing looked at to make sure they are perfectly wonderful. And, well, being freshly sprung from prison I have no way to pay for any service, but I am willing to trade my talents for any work needed."

<Salov> Do not worry about payment. I will take care of that. If you wish, you may pay me back after The Lady gives you some operating funds later.

<Salov> We'll go see the blacksmiths first then.

* Salov turns and moves over to the stairwell, then turns and faces Tajna waiting for her.

* Tajna nods, relieved that she wouldn't have to do anything. She would have made good on her promise, but feared it would have brought her close to magic.

<Tajna> Blacksmith's it is. I have everything...I never am far from my weapons

<Salov> Unfortunately, I have to say that is a wise policy in these times.

<Tajna> Yes, it is. I think the only time I am without all my blades is during certain covert operations. Carrying such things would have not been ... appropriate to the role at the time.

* Salov leads the way down the tower's stairs as they talk.

<Tajna> So, um, how long have you served here?

<Salov> As long as I can remember.

<Tajna> Interesting. I assume that it has been worth it, since you are still here. It is hard to find a place where you feel inclined to remain. Glad to know that some people still have that.

<Salov> I was just a small child, abandoned by my parents it seems. I had nowhere else to go.

<Tajna> I know how that feels.

<Salov> A family here took me in and raised me as their own. If it wasn't for this place... I might have been in an orphan, or even, sold into slavery.

* Tajna winces slightly at Salov's last remark

<~Salov> Have I said something wrong Lady Tajna?

<>Ambiance<> The party has reached the bottom of the tower.

* Tajna pauses slightly. --Memories are bad things...bad...--

<Tajna> You were lucky. Slavery is sometimes worse than what they tell you.

<Tajna> I was sold because my mother's new husband hated my for my background and talked her into selling me.

* Salov looks embarrassed

<Salov> I'm sorry... I didn’t know… I didn't mean to bring up bad memories for you. I can not even begin to imagine what that must be like.

* Tajna sighs and closes her eyes. "It isn't a story to tell your children at night, is it? I spent 8 years until I was strong enough to escape. And don't worry. Memories are there for a reason."

* Tajna smiles at Salov. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? I am proof of that. Anyway, let's get these blades of mine looked at."

<Salov> It's probably little consolation, but, as long as you're involved with this place, I and everyone here will be here for you. I can't sympathize, because I was a lucky one, but, I can understand enough of your situation to more than empathize.

<Salov> Anyhow, as you say, let’s be going.

<Tajna> I do appreciate that, Salov, even if I don't show it well. Lead on!

* Salov opens the door out into the compound and leads out.

<>Ambiance<> The Sun is high in the nearly noon sky

<Salov> We have two blacksmiths here. Both are good, but I'd recommend the Dwarven smiths Hindel and
Schmindel if you don't mind paying a little extra.

<Salov> The other shop is run by a half-elf couple, and they aren't exactly cheap either to be honest.

* Tajna follows and is startled by all the activity. People bustling around running errands; conversations conducted everywhere. She steps out into the sunlight, the warm rays tingling her skin. "I will pay for Dwarven work. That is not an option."

<>Ambiance<> You pass west down the main street.

<Salov> The shops are all along here. The brothers’ shop is at the end of the lane.

<Salov> If you see anywhere you want to stop on the way, let me know.

* Tajna eyes all the shops. "Actually, I was looking through my stuff and saw that my tailoring supplies are low. I don't need much. And I would like to peak in a gem shop, more to just look.

<>Ambiance<> you pass a shop called "Iduna's Beaker” which is obviously a priestly/medical/potion store, then an inn, called Sign of the Diamond, and then a general store called Farmers Concessions.

<Salov> They could probably help you here, but I wouldn't. The guy who runs the place is a liar and a jerk, and in my experience, he overcharges.

<Salov> There is a much better place up the road a bit.

<Tajna> ...What a waste. I would rather go somewhere that treats patrons with some respect.

<>Ambiance<> you pass a pair of jewelry stores called Queen's Ruby, and The Quartz Quadrant.

<Tajna> Hmmm, The Queen's Ruby sounds nice, but I like the ring to The Quartz Quadrant. I would like to go in there.

<Salov> Surely

* Salov opens the door to the shop.

* Tajna lightly steps in and surveys the shop.

<>Ambiance<> Behind the counter you see a rather dubious looking gnome male, as well as a rather good looking (for a gnome) female dressed lavishly.

* Tajna nods towards the couple and begins to look at the rough jewels on display.

* Salov follows her into the shop

<MiepVilio> (Obviously Recognizing Salov) May I help you with anything Captian Salov?

<Salov> Ah, not at the moment Lady Miep, we're just browsing I believe.

* Tajna stops in front of a display tray with blood red and emerald green crystals. She picks up a few and holds them to the light.

<Tajna> impressive quality with some of these. Impressive indeed.

<MiepVilio> Yes, indeed they are. We import them all the way from the mines of Perianneth.

<>Ambiance<> You realize that’s over 400 miles away.

* Tajna whistles appreciatively

<Tajna> You have a serious business here

<MiepVilio> They are so much better quality than most of the things you find around here, especially that place next door.

<Tajna> I have seen finely cut jewels in high manors of the rich, and I have to say that most of those jewels do not have a hint of the clarity that your rough crystals have.

<MiepVilio> Naturally, these are mined by my own clan after all

<>Ambiance<> Her husband rolls his eyes and he seems more annoyed by that comment than anything, but he says nothing.

* Tajna smiles to herself. --Good or not, these look good enough to cut. Perhaps I can get a good deal on a few for the road.-- "It is fortunate that you have such a family to mine such wonderful gems. You must be proud to come from such a line." She turns and smiles at Miep.

<MiepVilio> Oh, I… Miss... you're new here aren’t you?

* Tajna Tajna bows. "Yes, I am. I was brought here, to serve. I am looking around, sampling what is here. I found your shop inviting."

<Tajna> My name is Tajna.

<NuadosVilio> Hmph. It's time for lunch. I'm going over to "The Diamond" Try not to let her swindle you down to less than what they are worth Miep.

* MiepVilio looks a little disgusted by that remark.

<MiepVilio> Of course dear.

* Nuados doesn't look convinced, but his desire for a cold beer and food is stronger than his desire to pinch pennies at the moment.

* Nuados departs.

<Tajna> So you were saying, your family mines for you. Do they specialize in any type of crystal?

<MiepVilio> Yes, yes. Why, my family has mined those hills for thousands of years!

<MiepVilio> We rock gnomes have some of the oldest cities and mines in the world, you know?

<Tajna> Thousands?! Then they must know those hills inside and out. Oh, I bet those cities are beautiful. Architecture just isn't what it used to be.

<MiepVilio> They are the most beautiful places in the world!

<MiepVilio> Oh I miss them so.

* MiepVilio sighs.

<MiepVilio> My husband wanted to move out here for a while, I'm not sure why.

<Tajna> I can't imagine being so far from home. It must be just awful for you. Perhaps business brought him here? Though, I think it admirable of you to follow him here, to be separated from family.

<MiepVilio> I don't know if you know this, but, from time to time, many of our kind have a desire to travel and live among other races for a few decades at a time.

<Tajna> Ahhh, I understand then. Still, hopefully you will get the chance to go home and see everyone. I am sure they miss you as much as you miss them.

<MiepVilio> I hope so.

<MiepVilio> I thought he would move back eventually, like most of our kind do, but now...

<MiepVilio> Unfortunately, it seems my husband likes it here and he doesn't want to move back. He says there are plenty of our kind around here, and he likes it here.

* MiepVilio looks as though she is going to cry.

<Tajna> Oh...

* Tajna timidly reaches out and places a hand on Miep's shoulder. She looks at her. "You have to have hope that you will see everyone again. Surely, someday you will go back home."

<MiepVilio> I... I may go back home soon, whether he comes with me or not.

<Tajna> Hmmm, if you do, savor home. Home is a wonderful place to be.

<MiepVilio> Thank you... Tajna did you say?

* Tajna nods and smiles.

* Tajna looks at Salov and realizes that they had been in there a while. "Alas, I have business to take care of and must go. I would like to invest in a few of your beautiful crystals to cut later. How much are you asking for two small one of each in the red and green?"

<MiepVilio> Those are 1100 Golden Knights Each miss Tajna.

* Salov gives you a look that says "No way in hell do we have that kind of money to spend."

* Tajna acknowledges. "They are worth that price, and family mined. But I am dependent on the good graces of the priestess. I am afraid that what I will be given by her gracious hands will not allow me to splurge on such fine items. I am not even sure I would have the coin to by just the emerald.

<Tajna> Perhaps when I return after my excursions I can come back here, purse fat, and purchase these.

<MiepVilio> I see well...

* MiepVilio looks furtively out the window to make sure no one is watching.

<MiepVilio> Thank you for being so understanding... It's been hard for me here, and there are so few people I can talk to.

<MiepVilio> I want you to have something, it is not much but.

<Tajna> Oh! Surely if your husband saw...

<Tajna> I mean, I understand how it is to not have anyone to talk to.

* MiepVilio hands you two small stones. One is a pale blue stone, and the other is a translucent rosy colored stone with a white star center.

* Tajna looks at them, astonished. "These are beautiful. I don't know what to say."

<MiepVilio> They are two different kinds of quartz. They are very abundant in out mines back home. I
know they are not what you were looking for, but...

<MiepVilio> You will keep us in mind later, won't you?

* Tajna looked at the stones again, her lips trembling slightly. She swallows, trying to compose herself and looks at Miep. "Of course I will. Once I return, you will be the first that I visit."

<MiepVilio> Thank you. May Zanxia speed, and guard you on your way.

<Tajna> May you find your way home, even if it is for a little while.

<MiepVilio> Thank you.

* MiepVilio bows.

* Tajna returns the bow and smiles. "You are very welcome." She turns to Salov. "Shall we continue?"

<Salov> Yes, let's be off.

* Salov holds the door open for Tajna, then follows her into the street.

<Salov> The next shop can probably take care of tailoring for you.

<>Ambiance<> The next shop is a very unassuming looking place, named simply Ritta's Shoppe.

* Tajna nods and looks at the unassuming store front. "Well, What I need here are simple things. New needles, some basic thread and an leather mending kit. That was not found within my belongings.

<Salov> I think you will have no problem with that.

* Salov opens the door for Tajna.

* Tajna steps in and looks around for the store owner.

* MarsonRitta is a half elf who is unremarkable in any way, other than the fact that he seems to be chewing on some whittled piece of wood.

<MarsonRitta> Good day miss, how may I be of service?

<Tajna> I am looking for some basic items. A couple of needles, some basic thread, and a leather repair kit.

<MarsonRitta> Certainly. I have those.

* MarsonRitta goes behind the counter and picks up a repair kit, some thread, and a couple of metal needles.

<MarsonRitta> You did want metal needles miss?

<Tajna> Yeah, make note of those smaller, regular needles metal. Can't be too careful with material nowadays

<MarsonRitta> Indeed not. All told that will be 10 Silver Nobles or 1 Lightning.

* Tajna glances at Salov.

<Salov> That’s acceptable.

* Salov pays the shopkeeper.

* Tajna gathers the items. "Thank you."

<MarsonRitta> You're welcome miss.

<MarsonRitta> Anything else I can do for you?

<Tajna> "Not at the moment. But if I have need later, I will keep you in mind."

<>Ambiance<> A child appears from the back of the shop.

<Child> Daddy, can you help me with this... oh you have customers.

<>Ambiance<> The child disappears back into the back of the shop.

<Salov> Shall we be going?

<Tajna> Such politeness. We will leave so that you may attend to you child. Good day, Sir."

<MarsonRitta> Good day to you miss.

* Salov holds the door open for Tajna.

* Tajna exits and turns to Salov. "Guess our last stop is the blacksmith."

<>Ambiance<> Pause Chapter Seven.

Session Start: Wed Apr 8 13:54:26 2009

<>Ambiance<> Resume Chapter Seven.

<Salov> We're nearly there. Only a couple more buildings between here and their shop.

<>Ambiance<> The pair pass a shrine to Iduna, the native goddess of Spring, Planting, and Youth.

<Tajna> This seems like a nice little community. I was never much for the bustling activities of towns, but this one is quite nice.

<Salov> It's the only life I've ever really known.

* Tajna smiles.

<Salov> About 700-800 people in the city proper, but, we have others that live outside the gates of course.

<Tajna> Of course. I seen Iduna has a shrine here. Is there peace between all deities that have representation here?

<Salov> Oh yes. There are only the two…

<Salov> I expect that would seem a bit strange at first glance that a town ruled by the high priestess of one
deity would allow the worship of another.

<Salov> Apparently there are two reasons.

<Salov> The first being that we're largely an agricultural people, and Iduna is the goddess of planting and such, so we give her honor for providing for us.

<Salov> The second, so the story goes, is that The Lady, being a Sylvan Elf, grew up among people who worshiped the seasonal gods. As you know, those are the original gods of Arland, and are still much revered by those who consider themselves to be fervently native people.

* Tajna nods

<Salov> Furthermore, the word is that before she joined the followers of Zanxia, The Lady was once an acolyte of Iduna.

<>Ambiance<> They reach the end of the lane where a sign hangs that reads: The War Hammer - Hindel and Schmindel proprietors.

<Salov> Well, here we are.

* Salov reaches out and opens the door to the shop.

* Tajna steps into the shop, immediate wrinkled her nose at the smell of metal and fuel.

<Tajna> Well, we are certainly in the right place.

* Tajna looks around at the available weapons and nods appreciatively.

<>Ambiance<> As expected, the shop is full of weapons and armor of all shapes and sizes. Mostly of about "half-elf" size, of course.

<Schmindel> (In a deep voice) Can I help you miss?

* Tajna turns towards the voice. "I would like to have my blades looked at. We are about to set off and I want them ready, you know, just in case they are needed."

<Schmindel> Ah, we're kind of busy today, preparing for that predicted attack on Arlington you know.

<>Ambiance<> This is the first you have heard of this.

<Tajna> An attack? On Arlington?

<Schmindel> Ah, you had not heard of this?

* Schmindel gives a strange look to Salov

<Schmindel> The Lady here has predicted there will be an attack on Arlingon by forces from Rutan any day now.

<Schmindel> Of course, the people in town there don't believe it, so our forces have been making ready to protect the city for them, since they don't seem able to protect themselves.

* Tajna turns to Salov. "But if that is true, then shouldn't we be getting ready for that?"

<Schmindel> Oh we are, don’t you worry.

<Schmindel> Perhaps you hadn't noticed, but most of the temple knights are away from here, particularly at night.

<Tajna> Ahhh… I am new here. That explains it.

<Schmindel> Ah, hmm…

<Schmindel> Hmm… nonetheless... you are here with one of her knights... I suppose this is official business then, captain?

<Salov> It can be made so if it's necessary, yes.

<Salov> She's to leave tomorrow on a mission for The Lady.

<Schmindel> Ah, very well then. Bring whatever it is you wish to have examined over to the counter here please.

* Schmindel walks over behind a counter which is built low for the convenience of the dwarves.

* Tajna follows, setting her dagger, short sword and 10 throwing blades down for inspection.

* Schmindel eyes the blades.

* Schmindel picks up the sword, turning it over in first one hand, then the other. He waves it about a bit, then makes a couple of lunges like he would be attacking with it.

* Tajna watches, fascinated.

* Schmindel finally sets it back down and inspects the hilt and pommel.

<Salov> Well?

<Schmindel> Hmm, it's of unremarkable craftsmanship, mind you.

<Schmindel> But it appears to be quite sturdy and in no need of repairs.

* Schmindel starts in on inspecting the daggers using the same methods.

<Schmindel> When he reaches the 3rd of the throwing daggers he pauses for a moment and frowns.

<Schmindel> I think you should have this one replaced.

<Tajna> Oh? What is wrong with it?

<Schmindel> There is no crack that you can see, but, I suspect one has started inside the blade here *he points*

* Tajna sighs. "I trust your word as you are the expert not I on these things."

<Schmindel> We could reforge it, of course, but, really, you'd be better off just replacing it. We'll give you a trade in.

* Schmindel sets the dagger aside.

* Schmindel picks up the next one and immediately says "Oh dear…"

<Tajna> Oh dear?!

<Schmindel> I don't even have to put this one through the tests, it has a crack that you can actually see right here.

* Schmindel shows Tajna a hairline crack that might have avoided detection by most people.

* Schmindel sets that dagger next to the previous one.

* Schmindel continues putting the rest of the daggers through the paces, but finds no other issues.

* Tajna thinks --At this rate, I will have to indenture myself to get out of here with proper weapons.--

<Salov> Well, just the two of them seem to have issues?

<Schmindel> Correct captain.

<Schmindel> I think… we can replace those with two of our top model.

* Tajna looks at Salov questioningly.

* Salov shrugs

* Schmindel goes over to a cabinet and returns with 2 exquisite looking daggers, jewels set into the handles.

* Tajna gasps slightly at the sight of the beautiful daggers

<Schmindel> These are a little expensive, but they come with a lifetime guarantee.

<Schmindel> If they ever break, being the shards back and we'll reforge or replace for free.

<Salov> How much master smith?

<Schmindel> Well... this is official business you say?

<Salov> Yes.

<Schmindel> Twenty-Five gold. Each.

<Salov> Eh, one moment master smith.

* Salov pulls Tajna aside.

<Salov> I'm sure they are worth every penny.

<Tajna> Yes?

<Salov> The stones themselves are probably worth 20gp.

<Salov> It's up to you... But, I will need paid back for these eventually, when you are able of course.

<Salov> I'm sure The Lady will give you some funds before you start on the mission as well, I just don't know how much.

* Tajna drops her shoulders a bit. "I've never had anything this nice. The only time I have ever touched something like this was lifting something for a client. I know I can earn back the gold to pay you back."

<Salov> You were selected by The Lady, therefore I believe you are capable of earning that kind of money, so I accept your promise.

* Tajna smiled widely.

<Tajna> Thank you.

<Salov> (to Schmindel) Very Well then, we agree.

<Schmindel> Thank you Captain.

<Schmindel> (to Tajna) You won't be disappointed in their performance, I assure you.

<Tajna> I have no doubts Schmindel.

<Schmindel> Anything else I could interest either of you in?

<Salov> Not me, not today anyway.

<Tajna> Me either. What I have is more than enough. They are a wonderful make. And I know they will get used.

<Salov> I doubt I could afford much else today. I'm just a lowly Captain.

* Salov chuckles and smiles.

<Schmindel> Well, I'd best be seeing how my brother is coming along with that plate armor for General Hanibal then. Good day to the two of you.

<Salov> Good day master smith.

* Salov holds the door open for Tajna.

* Tajna nods farewell to the smith and exits.

<Salov> Is there anything else you want to do before dinner? You have to be hungry since you didn't eat this morning.

* Tajna blushes a bit, embarrassed. "I am a bit hungry. And no, I don't think I need anything else. If anything, I feel a bit overwhelmed."

<Salov> Do you want to stop by the inn and get something to eat then?

<Tajna> Um, sure. Will you be joining me, or do you have other things to attend to? It is fine either way. I know I have already taken up so much of your time.

<Salov> I will be joining you. Actually, I have nothing to do until dinner.

<Salov> I was made aware that I would be leaving on this mission a few days ago, and so I have everything in order already.

<Tajna> Okay, to the inn.

<Salov> The Sign of the Diamond is the one down this street.

<Salov> We passed it earlier, and it is on our way back.

<Tajna> Sounds good to me.

<Salov> It's owned by a gnome female, but fortunately, the cook is a half-elf. I wouldn’t want to subject yo to gnomish cooking.

<Tajna> Ahh… that is good. Though I am hungry enough to not particularly care.

<>Ambiance<> The time is now about 1:30PM.

<>Ambiance<> When they reach the inn and pop inside, they see about 20 odd people.

<Salov> We've actually come at a good time for service here.

<Salov> They have entertainment in the morning and evening. An hour ago, it would have been much more crowded and we’d have had to wait longer for food.

* Tajna nods.

<Tajna> Well, I am glad that it isn't crowded. What do you recommend?

<>Ambiance<> Before he can respond, someone shouts from the back "Salov"

<>Ambiance<> A somewhat pretty, very young looking elf maiden comes running up from the back. The girl is not stunningly beautiful, her sole distinguishing feature being her impossibly long, almost purplish hair.

<Salov> Oh, uhhh, hi Terai.

* Salov looks somewhat uncomfortable.

<Terai> Where have you been lately? I haven't seen you in ages?

<Salov> Uhhh, well, there's the matter of the expected attack on Arlington, you know... I'm a soldier, I've been kind of busy helping to prepare for that.

* Tajna watches the exchange, curious.

<Terai> Oh yeah, right. So, who's your friend?

* Terai points at Tajna.

<Salov> Terai, this is LADY Tajna, Lady Tajna, this is Terai

<Tajna> Hello Terai.

<Terai> Charmed, I'm sure.

<Terai> So you're a visiting VIP then?

<Tajna> I am not sure I am a VIP, but I am visiting.

<Terai> (Hardly noticing the remark) You're so lucky to get assigned Salov as your escort. He's soooo cute, don't you think?

* Tajna coughs. "Not something that I have been paying attention to."

* Salov can’t respond, and just stands there with a look that says I'd rather be under a rock right now.

<Terai> Haven't noticed? Wow?

* Terai gives Tajna a look that says "That's unpossible!"

<Tajna> Salov, I believe we came here to eat. If it is OK with you, I would like to do that now...

* Tajna is equally uncomfortable.

* Tajna bites back a retort, as she is a guest in the community.

<Terai> Well, I'm sorry, I'm probably butting in.

* Terai turns to Salov.

<Terai> Don't be such a stranger huh, cutie!

* Tajna turns and rolls her eyes.

* Terai smiles then turns and walks away

<Salov> Oh, Zanxia I'm sorry you had to put up with that, Lady Tajna.

* Salov motions Tajna to a table, where he pulls out a chair for her.

<Tajna> It's fine. Was a tad awkward, though I don't know which of us was worse. And thank you.

* +Tajna sits in the chair.

<Salov> Oh, you have no idea...

<Salov> She's even younger than she appears. Still a kid really.

<Tajna> Ooh, that's even worse.

<Salov> I made the mistake of rescuing her kitten from a tree when she was little...

* Tajna laughs lightly. "Rescue will always make you a hero, no matter what kind of rescue it is

<Salov> She's really sweet, and she means no harm, but I wish she's just find someone else to be infatuated with...

<Salov> Ah, well, now, what do you like?

<Tajna> Hmmm, I like potatoes and meat, venison to be exact.

<Salov> that shouldn't be a problem. Here comes the waitress now.

<>Ambiance<> A curvaceous human with particularly long curly blond hair approaches the table.

<Myla> Well hello Captain. Haven’t seen you in a while. So what will you two be having today?

<Salov> My companion would like venison and potatoes.

<Salov> I think I will have a salad with some steak strips, and cheese myself.

<Myla> Very Well. anything to drink with that?

<Salov> Just some spring water for me, if you have some still cold.

<Tajna> Same here, please.

<Myla> Alrighty, I'll be back with the drinks shortly.

<Salov> There is a natural spring under this building, so we get cold water.

<Salov> It's quite refreshing.

<Tajna> Oh, very nice. That will be good going down.

<Salov> Say what you want about their food choices, but gnomes know how to make good drinks.

<>Ambiance<> A few minutes later, Myla returns with the drinks.

<Salov> While I'm thinking of it... is there anything you want me to have brought up for the evening meal?

<Tajna> Something light, or else I won't get any sleep.

<Salov> I'll see to it. I know you won't want the food done the way the lady would do it.

<Tajna> Thank you Salov.

<Salov> You're welcome.

<>Ambiance<> A few minutes later, the food arrives, along with a refill of the water.

<>Ambiance<> The food tastes better than anything you've had in some time.

<Tajna> Oh wow! This is soo good. I haven't eaten anything this good in forever!

<Salov> Yes, their cook here is quite good. Well, the morning cook. The one that's just coming on is just ok.

<Tajna> Good? IF this is merely good, then I can't imagine what you would consider great!

<Salov> Well, a halfling runs the other inn. That should tell you something.

* Salov grins.

* Tajna returns the grin.

* Tajna continues to eat, trying to think of stuff to say.

<~Salov> Have you traveled much?

<Tajna> --He is a really nice guy. I am glad he is the one stuck with me.-- Heh, I traveled a lot when I first shed the chains of my initial imprisonment. Couldn't find anywhere to settle. And when I did, I was chased away on account of my beloved heritage.

<Tajna> I think I even lived in the forest for a bit

<Salov> Ah, and then you found your way to Mithrim? We're a bit tolerant around here, especially in this town of course, but I'm surprised you didn't go to Hisperius.

<Salov> Oh, right, magic. I forgot for a moment...

<Salov> I've never been outside the valley before, as I said.

<Salov> I am both looking forward to it, and terrified by it.

<Tajna> Yeah, Mithrim was actually a good place. Lots of people wanting to get the best of others. Made a decent living taking advantage of it. Not a glorious life, but I stayed alive. Things can be rough, but you seem the type that will do well.

* Salov finishes his plate.

* Tajna uses the last bit of potato to soak up the meat juice and pushes the plate away.

<Tajna> Well, that did it. That was a meal worth remembering.

* Salov grins Well, then, we'll come back when the mission is over, and you buy next time, deal?

<Myla> All done?

* Tajna laughs, "Deal, Salov. And yes, I am done in more ways than one."

<Salov> We're done Myla.

* Salov hands Myla a couple of silver nobles and says "Keep the change"

* Myla grins and says "Thank you"

<Salov> We'd better be getting back now.

<Tajna> Very well. I believe much was accomplished today so far.

* Salov thinks Wow, I never expected a thief to be so... nice, this is the most fun I've had in ages. I'm glad she's making the trip with us.

* Salov offers Tajna a hand up from the table.

* Tajna takes his hand and allows him to help her up.

* Salov moves over to the door and holds it open for Tajna

<>Ambiance<> a squeeky voice belonging to Terai shouts from the back "Byeee Salov."

* Tajna hurriedly exits back into the sunshine and smiles. "Thanks for taking the time today to help me out. It has been nice. Rare is the time someone showed so much respect to me."

* Salov looks a bit embarrassed.

<Salov> It... umm... it was a pleasure. It's not often that I get time to myself like this, you know. I have to say, I enjoyed your company very much, and... ah, I hope that we can do this again at some point.

* Tajna grins. "I hope our journey allows it. Perhaps we can talk more while traveling."

<~Salov> Since I am in charge of the expedition...I think that can be arranged.

<Tajna> Then consider it done. Besides, it is good to have someone you trust when you are in an unknown place. Traveling is better with a friend."

* Salov smiles.

* Salov thinks -She really is a nice person deep down. She probably did nothing more than was required for survival really, considering her rough past.-

<>Ambiance<> The two reach the tower. Salov opens the door and they go inside.

<Tajna> Well, umm, I guess I should put my stuff away. Are we expected to do anything tonight?

* Kasparov, seeing Salov first starts in "Hey Salov, I couldn't find Fanwick anywhere earlier are you sure he.... “

* Kasparov stops, noticing Tajna.

<Kasparov> Oh, I see. Yeah, I get it now, you old dog. And The Lady thinks you are the "harmless" one.

* Kasparov chuckles.

* Tajna blushes.

<Salov> (Dryly) Don't you have something you should be doing? If not, I could probably find something soldier Kasparov.

<Kasparov> Corporal Sir...

<Salov> That's debatable at the moment, Kasparov.

<Kasparov> Umm, yeah, I think I... I was just leaving, have a nice day sir.

* Kasparov scurries off.

<Salov> Well, first Terai and and now Kasparov. We certainly had our share of fun encounters for the day.

<Tajna> Yes, I can't argue with that.

* Tajna laughs.

* Salov laughs just a little himself.

<Salov> Well, there will be dinner this evening up where you didn't eat breakfast *smiles*

<Salov> Otherwise, I don't think so.

<Tajna> Alright, I think I will fare better at dinner tonight. I am a bit more calm now. And you helped with that.
<Salov> I'll walk you to your room if you don't mind. I want to have a quick chat with the professor about that chok-uh whatever she called it.

<Tajna> That would be fine, Salov.

<Salov> and I'm glad I was able to be of service to you... may I just call you Tajna?

<Salov> I find that I've come to think of you more as a friend than anything else.

<Tajna> Considering I have been calling you Salov, yes, you may just call me Tajna. I would like that better anyway.

* Salov smiles.

<>Ambiance<> The two reach Tajna's room without further incident.

* Salov opens the door for Tajna and says "Goodbye for now. I will see you this evening at dinner."

* Tajna steps in and turns around. "Yes, dinner will be much easier. Goodbye Salov."

* Salov closes the door behind Tajna.

<>Ambiance<> End Chapter Seven


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