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More from Alleris. This Chapter was done over two sessions. The first one Monday April 6th through Tuesday April 7th, and the second one on Friday April 10th.

And yes, finally there's some combat. Alleris SHOULD have been overmatched by his opponent in this combat, and I was GOING to give him help, but the dice were so kind on his first round of attacks, I decided to let him and his one sidekick sink or swim alone... They nearly sank, but in the end, turned in a rather heroic effort.

Alleris - Allen; All other characters George "Underdog" Cockrell

Session Start: Mon Apr 06 21:11:25 2009

<>Ambiance<> Time and space shift back to Alleris.

<>Ambiance<> It is now the next morning after his meeting with Fanwick.

<>Ambiance<> Alleris is awakened by a knock on his door at the inn.

<>Ambiance<> Begin Chapter Eight.

* Alleris sits up immediately, and throws off whatever sheets there may be, in his common brown clothing as ever, light and thin, though perfect for their use, he walks towards the door, and opens it, gazing for whoever it was knocking.

<UnknownSoldier> Major Fanwick would like you to come downstairs to make some preliminary plans when you're able. He has a table in a room down there.

<Alleris> "Thank you, I’ll be down immediately." he nods and smiles faintly, glances back into the room at his armor, he could either wear it, or not.

<UnknownSoldier> Very well, I'll let him know.

* UnknownSoldier departs.

* Alleris closes the door, and considers for a moment, he shrugs, figuring he had best be safe than sorry, and goes about attacking his banded mail, and the like items he possesses, in the end, he hoist a sack over his shoulder, and heads downstairs.

<>Ambiance<> Once downstairs, the table is not hard to find. Fanwick has a couple of other people gathered around the table with him. On the table lay some maps of the area.

<>Ambiance<> For lack of a better map of the area at the moment...

* Alleris walks over to the table, in silence for a moment, and then speaks "Good morning, Fanwick." he remarks, and his eyes scan over various maps.

<Fanwick> Ah, good morning. I trust you slept well lad?

<Alleris> "Indeed I did, a fine bed in a fine inn."

<Fanwick> I've always found it so myself.

<Fanwick> Now, we were just looking over these maps to figure out the best way to defend the city.

<Fanwick> As you can see, the city, indicated by this blue dot here, is pretty much completely safe from attack from the backside, because these mountains are virtually impassible

<Alleris> "That certainly does make things easier."

<Fanwick> And, if they try to attack from the south, it would require an amphibious attack on the docks... We've all but ruled that out, because, if they tried to sail straight up the river, we'd be aware of them before they got to the city.

<Fanwick> We could probably sink most of their ships before they could land, so we don't expect them to try that.

<Alleris> "Mmm, that makes sense as well, so as I see it, they'll likely be coming from the only remaining way." he points to a spot just in front of the city "A frontal attack seems most likely, yet obvious as well, yet easiest to defend, I think."

<Fanwick> It's a case of good and bad. It means we only have one front to defend for the most part, but it also means if our line of defense is breached... there is nowhere for the folks in the city to run... with the possible exception of to boats to sail across the lake or down the river.

<Alleris> "Hmm...indeed, though breaking a line of defense like this is hard, the defense always has the upper hand in a fight like this, in my experience."

<Fanwick> That’s what we're counting on.

<Fanwick> I'd expect them to bring some ships at least, to try to stop people from escaping that way, but I doubt they'd make that their main means of assault, because again, if we detect them early enough, we could sink them in the lake.

<Alleris> "So, defense ideas, we obviously need to station most up front, with some at the docks, and seeing as the local military likely wont help us until they are truly attacked,

<Fanwick> We DO expect them to arrive to the area by boat, of course. There's no other way unless they march over 100miles through the swamp, and it's unlikely that the lizard men would just give them a right of passage.

<Alleris> "Mmm..."

<Fanwick> They'll probably either land on the beach and march up, or sail up the river close to the right bank and drop troops off well before the lake

<Fanwick> Left bank I mean. I must not be awake yet.

* Fanwick takes another drink of whatever it is he's drinking.

<Alleris> "We all make errors. Their means of getting here does not matter much, I’m afraid, Unless we were to try and stop them there, which I feel may not be the best idea." he mulls it all over, and studies the map, for a moment.

<UnknownSailor> My men will guard the point where the lake drains into the river as long as we've notice of the ships coming.

<Alleris> "Alright, that helps...."

<Fanwick> Ah, Alleris, this is Rex, the captain of the merchant navy of the town. Unlike the Nobles and the idiot captain of the guard, he’s a little more open to the idea that we could be right about this attack coming.

<Alleris> "Aha, that is excellent, and it is a pleasure to meet you, Rex." he extends his hand, smiling with that young face

<Rex> Pleased to meet you too lad.

<Rex> I'm not CONVINCED that an attack is coming, mind you, but when someone who's usually reliable tells me that they think an attack is coming, I consider it a bit foolhardy not to listen.

<Alleris> "Makes sense."

<Fanwick> So, basically, what I want you to do, Alleris, is help set up defensive positions outside the city to protect it from the frontal assault.

<Alleris> "Alright, I believe I can do that, and I’ll begin right away."

<Fanwick> Rex here, will make sure that his ships are ready to sail to the mouth of the river on a moments notice. We have sentries up in the mountains here *pointing to the map* with flare arrows ready to alert him when the enemy navy is sighted.

<Alleris> "Excellent..."

<Fanwick> Anything else you can think of?

<Rex> Not me.

<Alleris> "Hmm...You seem to have a lot of it in good condition and thought, I’m glad that you're competent, no offense intended. Other than that, not really."

<Fanwick> Well, I feel it is a good plan, but, it never hurts to consult with others who have experience.

<Alleris> "Excellent point."

<Fanwick> The city isn't exactly excited about us doing this, but neither will they interfere as long as we set up a mile or so outside their walls.

<Alleris> "Good, I’m sure they'll consider differently once the attack itself occurs."

<Fanwick> Well, right then. I'll leave you to supervising the fortifications. Overarching strategy may be my
area, but the details of exactly where to set up the defenses is more your area.

<Alleris> "Alright then, I will begin work on that immediately."

<Fanwick> I'll assign one of my corporals to you for now acting Sergeant Alleris. If you need anything, ask him. If he can't do it himself, he knows where to find me.

* Alleris nods.

<>Ambiance<> The remaining person at the table addresses Alleris.

<Petrosian> At your service sergeant.

<Alleris> "Ahh, at ease, or something" he chuckles, and smiles a bit "It's just Alleris."

* Petrosian smiles.

<Petrosian> First off I expect you'll want to know how many troops we have.

<Alleris> "That'd be nice, yes."

<Petrosian> Of course, the city itself has many more soldiers who will join us once the threat becomes obvious...

<Petrosian> But initially, we're going to have to make due with just Zanxia's knights and Rex's sailors. As for the knights, we have 30 Heavy Cavalry 15 Light Cavalry, 55 Heavy Infantry and 32 Light Infantry.

<>Ambiance<> That actually sounds like a lot of troops for a church, though maybe not a lot for a job like this.

<Alleris> "...That's a lot of troops, but all the better."

<Petrosian> If, as we expect, the main of the invading forces are goblins, I expect it will suffice.

<Alleris> "Indeed..."

<Petrosian> Anyhow, I expect you are going to want to take a firsthand look at the terrain?

<Petrosian> Would you like to get anything in town first perhaps? Or shall we go out and start making our plans?

<Alleris> "I think that is best, to get to work."

<Petrosian> Very well then.

<Fanwick> Alright, Alleris, Petrosian, Rex; I'll leave you all to your work then. You know how to get a hold of me if needed.

* Fanwick departs.

* Rex departs.

<Petrosian> Follow me then please.

<>Ambiance<> Petrosian leads Alleris out into the countryside.

* Alleris follows, naturally.

<>Ambiance<> Over the next two days, the two survey the countryside and figure out where best to make defensive fortifications.

<>Ambiance<> Their one limitation being that they can't build things by the road, but then, there is no
reason in the world why the army would be coming by the road, so this does not seem to be a problem.

<>Ambiance<> Not knowing exactly when the attack is coming, Alleris uses his considerable skills to prioritize which things need done first. Every evening seemingly bringing an ever increasing possibility that an attack will be coming that night...

<>Ambiance<> Makeshift guard towers are build, ditches are dug, everything is painstakingly laid out. Many of the locals, of course, make sport at making fun of the "crazy people"... well, the ones not profiting off of it at least. Zanxia's church is paying the tower building carpenters and such rather handsomely.

<>Ambiance<> Alleris himself is also paid rather handsomely for his services ... 2 Crown's a day plus room, and board, and expenses.

<>Ambiance<> As if that isn't enough, the party's position is further bolstered by the arrival of a cadre of elven longbowmen.

<>Ambiance<> Twelve days pass and... the defense net is complete!

<>Ambiance<> Two more days pass... no sign of an attack...

<>Ambiance<> It is now the morning of the 15th day since you were hired. Still, there is no sign of an attack. You really have nothing left to do, other than making a daily inspection of things. You might be starting to wonder if your services here are really useful... oh, they are profitable for sure... you might even be starting to wonder if an attack is coming at all...

<>Ambiance<> You are once again awakened by a knock on the door.

<Petrosian> Are you awake Alleris?

* Alleris sits up immediately, and goes to open the door once more, in those light brown clothes, and smiles a bit, "I am."

<Petrosian> Ah, good. Being that it's Sunday, I've arranged to have breakfast brought up to you this morning, then perhaps, we shall make rounds again?

<Alleris> "Aha, thank you. That sounds like an excellent plan."

<>Ambiance<> A few minutes later, one of the low soldiers knocks on the door and says "Breakfast is here. Petrosian says to tell you he'll be waiting for you downstairs"

* Alleris nods, and smiles at the happily at the soldiers "Thank you." he takes the breakfast, and ponders a bit to himself, was an attack really coming? Regardless, he goes about eating his food.

<>Ambiance<> The food at this inn is quite delicious.

* Alleris enjoys it, then. Then dresses as usual, and heads downstairs.

<Petrosian> Ah, Alleris, good to see you.

<Alleris> "Good morning" he smiles again, and glances about.

<>Ambiance<> It's even more empty than usual for a Sunday morning.

<Petrosian> Shall we start the tour?

<Alleris> "Sounds like a plan, off we go then?"

* Petrosian leads the way. As he walks he says "We do seem to have a bit of a problem this morning."

<Alleris> "What is that?"

<Petrosian> Apparently, someone is trying to hire our mercenaries away.

<Alleris> "Oh? Who is that, or is it unknown?"

<Petrosian> It's a town away in the east. Apparently they had a sickness pass through, and it hit their militia particularly hard.

<Petrosian> So they are offering more than twice what we've been paying.

<Alleris> "I see...suggestions?"

<Petrosian> I'm hoping The Lady will match or exceed that when she hears about it, but, hopefully they don't leave before we get a chance to talk to her.

<Petrosian> Fanwick is heading over to talk to her now.

<Petrosian> Of course, none of the temple knights will leave, but we could really use those archers.

<Alleris> "Indeed we could...hmmm"

<Petrosian> I have one of their flyers here, actually.

<Alleris> "How much are they paid, by chance?"

<Petrosian> We're paying them 3 gold knights a week, which is considered excessive by usual standards.

<Petrosian> One gold knight a week is more usual.

<Alleris> "Take my cut, use it to pay the archers."

<Petrosian> That’s very generous of you. Why don't we go talk to them right away then.

<Alleris> "The archers, then? Alright."

<Petrosian> Mind you, I expect you wont HAVE to do that, as I expect their increase will be approved, but if you could do that for today, it would probably let us retain them.

<Alleris> "Right then. Off I go."

* Petrosian follows Alleris.

<ArcherCaptian> (Elven) Ah, Petrosian have you found anything out?

<Petrosian> (Elven) Yes, Alleris here has generously offered to pay you the increase for today out of his own funds.

* Alleris stands around, not understanding Elven.

<ArcherCaptian> (Elven) Ah, Hmm... what of after today? We would not want to lose out on pay by letting others be hired for this lucrative position in our stead.

<Petrosian> (Elven) I'm nearly positive that the lady will approve your increase. Major Fanwick is going to see her to take care of it now.

<ArcherCaptian> (Elven) Hmm, let me consult with my comrades. It will only take a moment.

<Petrosian> They are discussing it. We'll have an answer shortly.

<Alleris> "Alright..."

* AcherCaptian gathers his fellows and discusses things for a few minutes, then returns.

<ArcherCaptian> (Elven) Very well, it is agreed. We will remain here today for the price of 3 Crowns. We will wait to hear from the Major. If the increase is approved, we will consider staying on for a while longer. Otherwise, we will depart. Mind you, if it was not for the priestess and her city being of our kind, we would not have agreed.

<ArcherCaptian> (Elven) Frankly, many of my fellows wonder if an attack is coming, and we'd rather be somewhere our services are actually needed...

<Petrosian> (Elven) Thank you.

<Petrosian> They have agreed to stay at least for today, pending news on their pay increase, if you will pay them 3 crowns now.

<Alleris> "Alright." he reaches into his sack, and withdraws three crowns, and hands them over with a friendly smile.

* ArcherCaptian bows and says in broken Mithronian "Thank you."

* Alleris nods in return.

* ArcherCaptian gathers his fellows and they head off to their stations.

<Petrosian> Whew, I can't thank you enough.

<Petrosian> I'd give you a medal if I could

<Alleris> "No worries at all. Money isn't that important to me."

<Petrosian> Not to me either... usually not to folk like that... still, that's a lot of money for someone in their profession, almost unheard of.

<Petrosian> Well, now that that disaster is averted, shall we continue?

<Alleris> "Indeed."

<Petrosian> Oh, I didn't show you this. *indicates the flyer* Can you believe these rates they are offering?

* Petrosian shows Alleris the flyer.

* Alleris reads it, in that case.

<>Ambiance<> It comes to your attention that these crazy people are offering THREE TIMES the rate of pay for someone in your position compared to what you are making now... The rate you are making now is excessive. They must be rich and or desperate... Probably both.

* Alleris blinks a few times, and then folds up the flyer "They are offering a large sum, I wonder what's going on over there?"

<Petrosian> I don't know.

* Petrosian shakes his head.

<Petrosian> If it wasn't for my position and my sworn duty as a temple knight, I can tell you I'd be tempted to answer an offer like that.

<Alleris> "I would be as well, but I am never one to abandon a job halfway through, and it's not about the money."

<>Ambiance<> The rest of the tour passes without incident. You find out later in the day, that the archers pay increase was indeed approved.

<>Ambiance<> Night comes. Alleris sleeps... but not for long. About two hour into his rest, there is a knock at the door.

* Alleris groggily gets out of bed, though this time, he blinks at the time of night, and moves to the door quickly, opening it.

<Petrosian> Sir, its Petrosian. It appears the attack is going down tonight.

* Alleris nods in silence, and moves back to his armor and his belongings, placing his armor on "Right, then let’s move, shall we?"

<Petrosian> We have a problem, though.

<Alleris> "Mm?"

<Petrosian> Apparently, the Lady has had another, more detailed vision. The enemy have some kind of... I don't know what to call it other than a special weapon.

<Petrosian> Some kind of siege weapon that shoots, for lack of a better description, fireballs.

<Alleris> "Special weapon? That sounds bad for us" he says calmly, as he finishes donning his armor, and his sword at his side, shield across his back. "What?" he blinks, as he turns around "That's not good at all."

<Petrosian> Apparently, from high ground, it can shoot them miles away.

<Alleris> "..." he runs a hand through his hair, and blinks a few times "Unacceptable. Recommend fixes. I'll go destroy the blasted thing myself if I have to."

<Petrosian> Remember the day when we looked at the map and dismissed the idea that the high ground east of the city was important because it's impassible?

<Alleris> "Turns out we were wrong?"

<Petrosian> Oh, it's impassible enough as far as getting to the city.

<Alleris> "But not from firing from miles away?"

<Petrosian> But... apparently the ground is high enough that this thing would have the range to hit the city, aye.

<Alleris> "...That's not good at all. Any ideas?"

<Petrosian> Well, The Lady has convinced one of the local priesthoods that an attack is coming, and they're going to help defend the fortifications we made.

<Alleris> "It wont matter if that fireball spewing contraction can hit us from miles away..."

<Petrosian> Old Rex is going to arrange to ferry enough of us across the lake to the foothills.

<Petrosian> We'll have to chance a battle in the open terrain there.

<Petrosian> If we leave immediately, we should be able to get there first and try to take up some kind of defensive position.

<Petrosian> Thank Zanxia you saved those archers for us! Archers on the high ground will be an immense help!

<Alleris> "Indeed...Lets go, then."

<Petrosian> After you sir.

* Alleris heads out, then.

* Petrosian follows.

<Petrosian> Unfortunately, we won't be able to bring the cavalry with us. The horses would take up too much of the available space.

<Petrosian> They're going to try to ride around the lake and arrive before the action is over, but no guarantees. That’s some pretty harsh terrain there.

<Petrosian> Also, we have a few fireballs of our own. The Lady teleported over some of her fellow magicians from town.

* Petrosian grins.

<>Ambiance<> The pair arrive at the docks, where Fanwick is waiting to meet them.

<Fanwick> Ah good, glad to see you made it.

<Fanwick> There's only one ship left to board, and we weren't going to wait much longer.

<Alleris> "Right then, lets get moving."

* Fanwick ushers them onto the ship.

<Fanwick> General Hanibal has already sailed over on the first ship and will be going about setting things up.

<Alleris> "Excellent."

<>Ambiance<> Moments after they board the ship, it sets sail..

<Fanwick> Old Rex said this was the fastest ship he had, which is why he left it here till last.

<Fanwick> He ferried Hanibal over, and will be heading to the mouth of the river to try to muster some defense there in case they do try to attack the docks.

<Alleris> "Excellent plan...Hm.."

<Petrosian> Considering how this little toy of there’s changes things, all bets are off now.

<Fanwick> Indeed.

<Petrosian> This is going to leave the front of the city rather thin on defenses isn't it?

<Fanwick> It is, but we've little choice. That priestess friend of Our Lady's is sending her priests to help man them, and she sent her second in command to try to convince the guard captain that the town is about to come under attack. We'll just have to hope it's enough.

<Alleris> "Indeed..."

<Fanwick> You won't believe this, but the old woman herself went over on the boat with Hanibal.

<Petrosian> Really?!

<Fanwick> Yeah, having a high priestess with us should help out a good bit.

<Petrosian> Ah, we'll know soon enough, we're nearly there.

<Petrosian> So, all this BAD news, do you have any GOOD news?

<Fanwick> Well, just one bit. We think this weapon of theirs will be teleported in when they reach the top
of the hill rather than it being rolled up.

<Fanwick> Which means that they probably don't have any giants or trolls or whatever with them.

<Fanwick> And also means...

<Petrosian> That it won't be used against us?

<Fanwick> Aye, that’s the hope.

<Alleris> "Mm...good."

<>Ambiance<> The boat reaches the shore.

<Fanwick> Alright lads, everyone with me.

<Fanwick> Hanibal asked that we take a rear position and stay out of sight so we can flank the enemy when the battle begins.

<Alleris> "Alright then."

* Fanwick hops off the ship and starts moving quickly to an area of brush where it is obvious there would be lots of concealment.

* Alleris follows Fanwick

* Petrosian and all the other men on the boat follow Fanwick at their best possible pace.

<>Ambiance<> Five Minutes Pass.

<>Ambiance<> Ten Minutes Pass.

<>Ambiance<> Before Fifteen Minutes Pass, however, you hear noise coming up from the south.

<>Ambiance<> You see... goblins... hundreds of goblins...

<Alleris> "..."

<Fanwick> (whispered) easy lads, let them keep on, old Hanibal has a surprise for them. We're to wait till the party starts then close in from the rear.

<>Ambiance<> As the party continues on, You notice a hand full of humans? (maybe half orcs or orcs, hard to tell), and also a handful of Ogre or Troll sized creatures passing as well.

<Petrosian> (whispered) Well, so much for them not having ogres or trolls… at least there are only a few of them.

<Fanwick> (whispered) One or more of those tall creatures must be their mage... good thing we brought along a few of our own... Hopefully we can take theirs out first.

* Alleris nods.

<>Ambiance<> Suddenly, up ahead, the night sky lights up.

<>Ambiance<> Fireballs race towards the group of taller creatures, and explode.

<>Ambiance<> Most of the taller creatures collapse to the ground, apparently killed.

<Alleris> "..."

<>Ambiance<> Almost simultaneously, a set of whirring blades is seen (momentarily from the light of the fireballs) to spring up, boxing off the creatures retreat...

<>Ambiance<> You recognize it as a Blade Barrier and realize that the high priestess coming along was indeed a useful thing. Now the panicked goblins have only one way to retreat... straight in your direction!

<>Ambiance<> Just as Hanibal planed, many of the goblins run in your direction, and as they get near Fanwick shouts...

<Fanwick> Now lads, let them have it!

<>Ambiance<> The goblins are completely surprised by the sudden attack.

* Alleris leaps out, as soon as that order is called, and withdraws his sword from it's sheath, and his shield from it's back, looking for the closest goblin to hit, And then does just that, swinging his sword at it.

* Petrosian leaps from cover and attacks.

* Fanwick rushes forward to attack one of the remaining tall figures... a very tall figure.

<Alleris> #roll 1d20
<RPGServ> <Roll for Alleris [1d20]: 15>

<Alleris> #roll 1d20 attack two
<RPGServ> <Roll for Alleris [1d20]: 8> attack two

<Alleris> #roll 1d8+5 damage
<RPGServ> <Roll for Alleris [1d8+5]: 12> damage

<>Ambiance<> Alleris cleaves one goblin cleanly in two, but his buddy next to him somehow dodges a would be killing blow.

<Petrosian> #roll hit
<RPGServ> <Roll for Petosian [hit]: 10>

<Petrosian> #roll hit
<RPGServ> <Roll for Petrosian [hit]: 10>

<>Ambiance<> Meanwhile, next to Alleris, Petrosian easily fells two of the enemy before they know what hit them.

<>Ambiance<> Fanwick chases after one of the larger creatures, fleeing in a slightly different direction and disappears from view.

<>Ambiance<> the goblins, now aware of the presence of the enemy, attack.

<Petrosian> #roll 4[1d20] goblins vs. Petrosian
<RPGServ> <Roll for Petrosian [4[1d20]]: 9 4 11 4 > goblins vs. Petrosian

<Petrosian> #roll 4[1d20] goblins vs. Alleris
<RPGServ> <Roll for Petrosian [4[1d20]]: 9 7 12 14 > goblins vs. Alleris

<>Ambiance<> Several goblins take swipes at Alleris and Petrosian, all fail miserably

<Petrosian> #roll hit
<RPGServ> <Roll for Petrosian [hit]: 4>

<>Ambiance<> They do manage to harass Petrosian to the point that his own attack misses badly as well.

<>Ambiance<> You see a flash of light up ahead. Someone shouts "Damn it, one of the Mages got away!"

* Alleris swings at another goblin, looking for a path to one of the large fellows.

<Alleris> #roll 1d20+5
<RPGServ> <Roll for Alleris [1d20+5]: 14>

<Alleris> #roll 1d8+5
<RPGServ> <Roll for Alleris [1d8+5]: 7>

<>Ambiance<> Alleris barely clips a goblin, which teeters for a moment, then slumps to the ground.

<>Ambiance<> You hear another set of blades come into existence up ahead... goblin bits fly...

<>Ambiance<> Apparently their spell casters were all taken out by the initial fireballs, other than the one that got away, because there don't seem to be any spells being cast on their side of the ledger.

<>Ambiance<> Up ahead of Alleris, he sees a large figure approaching behind the goblins...

<Petrosian> Holy shit! Troll!!

<>Ambiance<> A rather large troll practically tramples some goblins in its haste to get away from the combat. It is suddenly upon Aleris and Petrosian.

* Alleris blinks once, and immediately, he shifts himself back a bit, pushes his shield to his front, and then attacks the troll.

<Alleris> #roll 1d20+4
<RPGServ> <Roll for Alleris [1d20+4]: 16>

<Alleris> #roll 1d20+4
<RPGServ> <Roll for Alleris [1d20+4]: 24>

<Alleris> #roll 1d12+5 Damage
<RPGServ> <Roll for Alleris [1d12+5]: 9> Damage

<>Ambiance<> 17 Damage scored for the critical hit of course.

* Alleris draws back his sword arm once, and swings down, cleaving into the Troll's hide for a bit of damage, though only a moderate amount, after that he pulls back once more, and focuses, slicing down at the beast in a wide arc and cleaving into it's hide in a rather impressive, damaging blow to say the least.

<Petrosian> #roll hit
<RPGServ> <Roll for Petrosain [hit]: 17>

<Petrosian> #roll hit
<RPGServ> <Roll for Petrosian [hit]: 5>

<Petrosian> #roll 1d12+2 damage
<RPGServ> <Roll for Petrosian [1d12+2]: 5> damage

<>Ambiance<> Petrosian Swings wildly at the troll, missing badly on his first swing, but manages to graze it on the backswing.

<>Ambiance<> The troll counterattacks.

<Petrosian> #roll 1d2 troll attacks?
<RPGServ> <Roll for Petrosian [1d2]: 1> troll attacks?

<Petrosian> #roll 3[1d20]
<RPGServ> <Roll for Petrosian [3[1d20]]: 3 11 7 >

<Petrosian> #roll 1d4+4 damage
<RPGServ> <Roll for Petrosian [1d4+4]: 8> damage

<>Ambiance<> The troll strikes Petrosian, staggering him.

<>Ambiance<> The hoard of goblins also try their best.

<Petrosian> #roll 4[1d20] goblins vs. Petrosian
<RPGServ> <Roll for Petrosian [4[1d20]]: 11 4 12 18 > goblins vs. Petrosian

<Petrosian> #roll 1d6
<RPGServ> <Roll for Petrosian [1d6]: 1>

<>Ambiance<> Perhaps because he was staggered by the troll, one of the goblins also lands a glancing blow against Petrosian.

<>Ambiance<>Alleris also faces some attacks of his own.

<Petrosian> #roll 4[1d20] goblins vs. Alleris
<RPGServ> <Roll for Petrosian [4[1d20]]: 16 5 8 20 > goblins vs. Alleris

<Petrosian> #roll 1d6 damage
<RPGServ> <Roll for Petrosian [1d6]: 4> damage

<>Ambiance<> Perhaps his guard was down a bit because of his mighty blows against the Troll, but, for whatever reason, one of the goblins manages to strike Alleris.

* Alleris growls lightly, ignoring the goblin to focus on the troll, which he swings at again.

<Alleris> #roll 1d20+4
<RPGServ> <Roll for Alleris [1d20+4]: 7>

<>Ambiance<> The troll dodges effortlessly.

<>Ambiance<> The goblins try desperately to fell one of our heroes in an attempt to break through the line and make their escape.

<Petrosian> #roll 4[1d20] goblins vs. Petrosian
<RPGServ> <Roll for Petrosian [4[1d20]]: 15 10 12 1 > goblins vs. Petrosian

<Petrosian> #roll 4[1d20] goblins vs. Alleris
<RPGServ> <Roll for Petrosian [4[1d20]]: 10 8 3 8 > goblins vs. Alleris

<>Ambiance<> One of them near misses Petrosian, but it glances off his shield.

<Petrosian> #roll hit
<RPGServ> <Roll for Petrosian [hit]: 8>

<>Ambiance<> Petrosian swings at the troll, but misses badly.

<Petrosian> #roll 1d2 troll attacks?
<RPGServ> <Roll for Petrosian [1d2]: 1> troll attacks?

<Petrosian> #roll 3[1d20]
<RPGServ> <Roll for Petrosian [3[1d20]]: 9 4 19 >

<Petrosian> #roll 1d8+4 damage
<RPGServ> <Roll for Petrosian [1d8]: 10> damage

<>Ambiance<> The troll’s mighty bite nearly fells Petrosian (who has ONE HP LEFT), but he somehow wills himself to go on… perhaps because…

<>Ambiance<> In the distance, you hear a bugle blow. The cavalry has (literally) arrived!

<>Ambiance<> The goblins make a last ditch effort to break through the human’s line!

<Petrosian> #roll 4[1d20] goblins vs. Petrosian
<RPGServ> <Roll for Petrosian [4[1d20]]: 16 13 10 6 > goblins vs. Petrosian

<Ambiance> Once again, one of the goblins clanks his sword off Petrosian’s shield, but the Knight of Zanxia is still holding on by a thread.

<Petrosian> #roll 4[1d20] goblins vs. Alleris
<RPGServ> <Roll for Petrosian [4[1d20]]: 19 11 11 16 > goblins vs. Alleris

<>Ambiance<> Alleris is similarly lucky to dodge a blow at the last instant! He then attacks the troll.

* Alleris hoists his sword within his arm, growling at the troll, and striking at it!

<Alleris> #roll 1d20+4
<RPGServ> <Roll for Alleris [1d20+4]: 16>

<Alleris> #roll 1d20+4
<RPGServ> <Roll for Alleris [1d20+4]: 22>

<Alleris> #roll 1d12+5 damage
<RPGServ> <Roll for Alleris [1d12+5]: 9> damage

<Alleris> #roll 1d12+5 damage
<RPGServ> <Roll for Alleris [1d12+5]: 7> damage

* Alleris heaves his long sword up in one hand, he slices downwards after a moment, the blood and the silver shine of the sword against the moonlight, he strikes two blows in an X at the trolls body, felling it, hopefully, impressive, since technically, he'd just single handedly felled a troll, minus a bit of help from his partner.

<Petrosian> #roll 2[1d20]
<Petrosian> <Roll for Petrosian [2[1d20]]: 15 3 >

* Petrosian swings at the goblins killing another one.

<>Ambiance<> With the arrival of the cavalry, the goblin’s morale fails. Their leaders are almost all dead, and a large number of well armed humans have them surrounded. The goblins see no hope of being able to flee anymore. They begin to surrender.

* Petrosian quickly calls for a lantern and sets fire to the troll pieces before they can slither back together.

* Alleris keeps his sword out, though he wipes the blood off on the ground, frowning from his wound slightly, though he'd certainly live.

* Petrosian slumps to the ground and says "Think you can find me a healer?"

<Alleris> "Yeah." he remarks, and does just that, immediately looking around for a healer

<>Ambiance<> Pause Chapter Eight

Session Start: Fri Apr 10 20:19:28 2009

<>Ambiance<> Resume Chapter Eight

<>Ambiance<> Alleris has no trouble finding someone proficient at healing to bind Petrosian's wounds.

<>Ambiance<> Meanwhile, what's left of the goblins, which isn’t very many after the earlier fireball display by the good guys, are rounded up and marched off to be imprisoned.

* Alleris explains the situation and leads the healer back to Petrosian if he can, looking a bit cut himself, though it's minor, probably.

<Healer> Ah, this looks pretty bad. You better come with me to the hospital area.

<Petrosian> It's not that bad is it?

<Alleris> "Right..." he looks around, sheathing his sword finally, and scratches his chin.

<Healer> I think you'll be alright if you come over now. Can you stand?

<Petrosian> Err, if someone helps me up, I think I can walk, yeah.

* Alleris offers a hand to Petrosian.

<Petrosian> Thanks Alleris.

<Petrosian> So, with this all over, what will you do now Alleris?

<Alleris> " job is done here...I suppose I’ll probably continue on my journey."

<Petrosian> I was afraid you'd say that. You know, you could probably get a job here...

<Alleris> "I'm afraid settling down isn't quite my thing, sadly...I need to move on to other towns, if only to continue doing what I've helped do here. I'm not really interested in the money, or a permanent job."

<Petrosian> I knew... ugh... knew you'd say that.

<Petrosian> You know, I'll miss you.

<Petrosian> You're a good guy Alleris.

<Alleris> "Thank you. I'm sure I’ll miss the people of this city as well, and who knows, I’m sure my travels could lead me back here eventually."

* Petrosian smiles. Well if you do get back here, look me up, ok.

* Petrosian extends his hand as if to shake.

<Alleris> "Will do" he smiles, offering his hand for a handshake.

* Petrosian shakes it firmly.

<Petrosian> Well, I better follow the doctor. A pissed off doctor can be more dangerous than a troll sometimes, you know.

* Petrosian grins.

<Alleris> "It was a pleasure." he smiles, retracting his hand, and turning to stare out, at what he would certainly head into soon; The night.

* Petrosian starts hobbling off towards the hospital area.

<>Ambiance<> A solider approaches Alleris.

<Alleris> "Good evening." he smiles, turning to see the man.

<Soldier> Excuse me sir, have you seen Major Fanwick. I can’t find him anywhere.

<>Ambiance<> You remember seeing him chase off after one of the large creatures (possibly a troll or ogre?) earlier when the combat started.

<Alleris> "...Wait, he ran after a larger beast" he blinks, and looks around, trying to find the direction they went in "Find him."

<Soldier> Could you help me look? If you don't have important duties or anything I mean.

* Soldier heads off in the direction Alleris indicated Fanwick had gone earlier.

* Alleris follows after the soldier.

<>Ambiance<> The pair search the area with a lantern (The light of the fireballs having now dimmed, especially since the clerics were casting water creating spells to try to extinguish the fires) for about 10 minutes. The Soldier calls out his name a few times... nothing.

<>Ambiance<> Finally, Alleris finds an upside down body. It's wearing a cape and armor that looks like what Fanwick wore. The head is missing...

<Alleris> "...Oh my..." he calls for the soldier, backing away slowly "..." his eyes widen for a moment, he was...young, after all.

<>Ambiance<> A moment later, you hear a voice calling out to you.

<Fanwick> Hey, is that you Alleris?

<Fanwick> I need some help over here.

<Alleris> "..." he glances around for the sound of the voice "Fanwick?" he considers that he was currently looking at Fanwicks dead body, and was being lured into the darkness, his eyes narrow. and he draws his sword "Sure."

<Fanwick> I'm stuck under a tree over here. That damn troll I took off after knocked it over on me.

* Alleris advances cautiously in the direction of Fanwick.

<>Ambiance<> the soldier hears the voice as well, and begins hurrying off in that direction

<>Ambiance<> After a minute or so, you hear the soldier cry out, he's over here Sir Alleris.

* Alleris moves towards the soldier, cautiously as well.

<>Ambiance<> You come upon the pair. The soldier is clearly trying to get a tree off of Fanwick.

<Soldier> Don't worry uncle, we'll get it off of you.

* Alleris does the helpful thing and tries to assist him, How are you alive, Fanwick...I thought I saw your body..."

<Fanwick> What? Where?

<>Ambiance<> Another solider shows up.

<Soldier> Hey Jimmy, help us get uncle out from under this tree.

<Alleris> "Over...there" he continues helping, and points.

* Alleris is quite strong, thankfully.

<Fanwick> When you get me out from under here, show me.

<>Ambiance<> With Alleris and the new help lifting on the tree, Fanwick's uncle pulls him out from under the tree.

<Fanwick> I think my leg is broke. You lads think you can carry me to the hospital?

<>Ambiance<> Jimmy and "Nephew" carry Fanwick between them.

<Fanwick> Take me by this body first, I want to see this.

<Alleris> "Right...It was over here..." he points, and heads towards it, despite if Fanwick has them follow.

<>Ambiance<> Alleris arrives at the body first. The other two, obviously encumbered supporting a man in plate mail, arrive a few minutes later.

<Fanwick> Extraordinary...

<Fanwick> It's equipment... everything... looks just like mine.

<Fanwick> Jimmy, lad, once you get me to the hospital, bring a friend or two back here and collect the body will you? Something odd is going on here.

<Jimmy> Yes sir.

<Alleris> "...Right...go get healed up...I believe it is time I moved on, since you are safe."

<Fanwick> Will you walk back to the hospital with me Alleris? I have a feeling this might be our last meeting. I'd like to say goodbye.

<Alleris> "Of course." he moves to Fanwick's side, following him.

<>Ambiance<> The group moves slowly back to the hospital, conducting a virtual repeat of the conversation Alleris had with Petrosian earlier.

<>Ambiance<> The group reach the hospital and drop off Fanwick.

<Fanwick> Alleris, lad, you will at least stay the night at the inn wont you?

<Fanwick> I'm sure those of us who are in any condition to do so would like to see you off in the morning... not sure if the doctor will let me be in that group or not.

<Alleris> "I will stay the night. That seems a good plan."

<Fanwick> Alright. Go on back to the landing area and take the first boat back then. We can take care of the surrendered enemy.

<Fanwick> Thanks a lot for all your help.

* Alleris goes about that "No problem!"

<Fanwick> Without your help, we wouldn't have been able to protect the city and win on this front too. The town owes you a major debit.

<Alleris> "You've already paid me, you don't really owe me anything, but thank you for the chance to help and such" he heads towards the boat

<>Ambiance<> Alleris conveniently finds a boat nearly ready to depart, mostly with wounded soldiers, back to the city when he arrives. The trip back is uneventful. When he arrives back in the city, it's to a hero's welcome. The small contingent of goblins who engaged in a frontal attack on the city (ostensibly to kill those trying to flee from the fire catapult) were easily routed, even with only a skeleton crew on the towns side, thanks to the defensive fortifications Alleris had made.

* Alleris is modest, and smiles a bit upon his return, he enjoys it for what it's worth, knowing he'd leave the town probably not but hours later, once he awoke.

<>Ambiance<> Exhausted, and filled with pride knowing he'd helped an awful lot of people, including women and children, Alleris laid down to sleep for what he expected would be his final night in Arlington.

<>Ambiance<> End Chapter Eight.


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