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More from the Main group, especially Elisandra, who takes a tour around town. This chapter also features some combat... sort of. Elisandra hopes she's used up all her bad luck at once on this...

Elisandra - Taros; Tajna - Eukara; Wimji - Prudence_Moon; All other characters - Underdog.

Session Start: Wed Apr 08 22:16:06 2009

<>Ambiance<> Begin Chapter Ten.

<>Ambiance<> While Tajna and Salov were out, Elisandra slept for a while., awakening around noon.

* Elisandra yawns and sits up in bed. She promptly gets out of the bed and stretches, feeling a good bit better, having gotten some sleep in.

<>Ambiance<> Elisandra notices a small tray of fruit that has been placed on the floor just inside her door.

* Elisandra heads over to it and picks it up. -... Gah, I must have been more out of it than I thought. Someone entering here shoulda' woke me up.-

<>Ambiance<> Elisandra notices a note under the fruit.

* Elisandra sighs and sits down on the bed, proceeding to examine said fruit.

* Elisandra sets the tray down on the bed beside her, and examines the note.

<>Ambiance<> The note reads: I thought you might want some lunch when you woke up, so I had these sent down. Feel free to explore town. The guard outside your door will be happy to show you around, or you may look around yourself. Please be back by 6 for dinner. It is "signed" with the seal of the church of Zanxia.

* Elisandra turns back to the fruit.

<>Ambiance<> There are 3 apples, one yellow, two red, an orange, some grapes, and a grapefruit.

* Elisandra , never one to turn down free food, digs in.

<>Ambiance<> Heard out in the hall "Are you sure? I don't get it, Salov said Fanwick was looking for me but I can’t find him anywhere..." the voice trails off.

<>Ambiance<> You recognize the voice as belonging to Kasparov.

<>Ambiance<> It seems to have moved past the door down the hall as it spoke.

* Elisandra ignores it for now. -Free food, yo.-

* Elisandra sets the tray aside when done, and stands up. She grabs her weapons and heads out the door.

<Guard> Ah, you're awake miss.

<Guard> Is there anything you require?

<Elisandra> "Uhh... Humm... Do you have a place I could clean up, or somethin'?"

<Guard> Certainly

<Elisandra> "Where?"

<Guard> We have some natural springs in this area, which is why this community was built here. There's a bath down in the basement that you can use for free.

<Guard> There are both warm and cold springs, whichever you prefer. I'll arrange to have some towels sent down.

<Guard> Will that be satisfactory?

<Elisandra> "That'd be great."

<Guard> It's easy to find, but, if you have any trouble, just ask. I'll have some towels sent down shortly.

<Elisandra> "Right, thanks."

* Elisandra looks around for the basement, and the abovementioned bath.

<>Ambiance<> The staircase down from this level is visible from where Elisandra stands, it's the one she came up earlier.

<>Ambiance<> When the staircase reaches the "ground" level, it ends in the main foyer of the castle. It only takes Elisandra a moment of looking around to see another staircase leading down however.

* Elisandra heads for it.

<>Ambiance<> Elisandra sees a guard standing next to the staircase.

<>Ambiance<> The guard does not seem to be moving to bar her way or anything, he's just standing there.

* Elisandra continues heading down, then.

<>Ambiance<> The guard does not stop her, and she continues on down.

<>Ambiance<> When she reaches the bottom, she sees what is obviously a huge (Roman style) bath house with women's and men's areas clearly marked.

* Elisandra heads for the area which corresponds to her gender.

<>Ambiance<> At the door to the area stands a female guard, that like the one above, does not move to bar her way.

<>Ambiance<> Upon entering, you notice that there is only one other person bathing at the moment. She's in one of the baths marked "warm" at the far end.

<>Ambiance<> Elisandra picks one of the hot baths, disrobes, and climbs in.

<>Ambiance<> After she's in for a few moments, a guard comes in carrying towels. She quickly identifies where Elisandra is and delivers the towels to a point near to where she is bathing.

<>Ambiance<> The other bather looks at her a little odd, but says nothing. After a few moments, she gets up, dries off, cloths herself, and leaves, leaving Elisandra alone.

<>Ambiance<> The warm bath is quite relaxing... how long had it been since she'd had one... a bath of any kind for that matter being stuck in prison. Finally, Elisandra feels good and squeaky clean. She gets out, dries off, puts her clothes on, and leaves the bath.

<FemaleGuard> Ah, I have a message for you. The guard who has been assigned to your room wanted me to let you know that if you wanted him to guide you around town, he's outside your room waiting.

<Elisandra> "I think I'll explore myself, thanks."

<FemaleGuard> As you wish of course.

<FemaleGuard> Oh, one moment.

<FemaleGuard> This was sent down for you by The Lady.

<Elisandra> "Hrm?"

<>Ambiance<> She hands you a small bag of coins with a note: “I thought you might want some of your money now, in case there is anything you feel you need to get to help you on the mission.” It bears the symbol of Zanxia.

<Elisandra> "Humm, that's nice of her."

<>Ambiance<> The bag contains a mix of coins you estimate to be worth about 50gp.

* Elisandra whistles.

* Elisandra pockets it.

* Elisandra heads towards the exit of the place.

<>Ambiance<> You see what appears to be a small village before you. Many residences lie outward along the wall. the main streets stretches along to either side of the castle, which is carved right into the side of the cliff/mountain.

* Elisandra walks into the city, and just wanders, looking around at stuff.

<>Ambiance<> As you walk, you notice that at least half, and maybe more, of the people you see seem to be half-elves.

* Elisandra finds it a little odd. Well, more than a little odd. But it doesn't bother her.

<>Ambiance<> No one pays Elisandra much attention.

<>Ambiance<> The people of the village seem to be busy with their own affairs... You notice there don't seem to be a whole lot of guards around for a town this size.

* Elisandra definitely does notice that, as she's used to keeping her eyes out for guards, to avoid them. She's looking around for, erm, well, anythin' that catches her eye, really.

<>Ambiance<> A ball comes bouncing over and stops at Elisandra's feet.

* Elisandra looks towards the source of the ball.

<LittleGirl> Hi lady. Could you throw my ball back to me?

* Elisandra picks it up and tosses it back to the little girl.

<LittleGirl> Thank you. You throw really well! Did you use to play with the boys?

<Elisandra> "Natrually good aim."

<Elisandra> "Well, decent, at least."

* Elisandra is 'decent' at throwing stuff, but that stuff was more pointy, usually.

<LittleGirl> Well, thanks.

<Elisandra> "No problem."

<LittleBoy> Come on Kari, we're waiting on you.

* Kari scurries away with the ball.

* Elisandra continues walking along.

* As she walks, Elisandra momentarily gets a feeling that she's in an area that's a little odd... She pauses a moment to look around, but, seeing noting, continues on her way.

<>Ambiance<> After a while of wandering through the city streets, Elisandra finds herself back at the main street.

* Elisandra wanders along the main street on her way back to the castle.

<>Ambiance<> As she walks back from the far west end of the main street, the first shop Elisandra sees has a sign reading "The War Hammer - Hindel and Schmindel proprietors."

<>Ambiance<> She recognizes the names as being the dwarf brothers Salov mentioned made her replacement equipment.

* Elisandra keeps on walkin'.

<>Ambiance<> Next, she passes a Shrine to some god or goddess that she doesn't recognize. It seems slightly notable that there would be a shrine to some god or goddess other than Zanxia here, since the town is apparently ruled by the high priestess of Zanxia.

* Elisandra gives it a glance over, then continues on.

<>Ambiance<> Next, she passes a fairly non-descript storefront with a couple of children playing outside. It's called simply Ritta's Shoppe.

* Elisandra just keeps going on, heading for the castle.

<>Ambiance<> Next is obviously a jewelry store called "The Quartz Quadrant."

* Elisandra keeps a walkin'.

<>Ambiance<> Right next to it is yet another jewelry store called "The Queen's Ruby."

<>Ambiance<> The next shop bears the simple name of "Farmer's Concessions."

<>Ambiance<> There's a Large building next to it. Outside the building, a half-elven bard is playing a mandolin and singing a song called "Mandolin Rain."

<>Ambiance<> The building itself is obviously a Tavern. It's called "The Sign of the Diamond."

* Elisandra takes a look at the tavern.

<>Ambiance<> It looks like a fairly reputable place, as taverns go. There appear to be about 20 people at a guess inside.

<>Ambiance<> A gnome female is tending bar.

* Elisandra passes on. This place looked a bit above her classiness level.

<>Ambiance<> The final building is obviously some sort of magical and/or clerical supply store, named Iduna's Beaker.

* Elisandra 's not really one for the magic.

* Elisandra continues on for the castle.

<>Ambiance<> Elisandra reaches the castle without incident. She guesses its probably about 2 and 1/2 hours till dinner.

<>Ambiance<> A guard at the door seemingly recognizes her and motions that she can go on in.

* Elisandra heads on in, yawning and looking around.

<>Ambiance<> It actually looks fairly empty of personnel at the moment.

* Elisandra wanders at random a bit.

* Elisandra looks for a training room or something. A place to practice swordplay a bit.

<>Ambiance<> Elisandra discovers that one unusual feature of the castle is that the barracks seems to be attached right to the castle. After wandering around a bit, Elisandra finds what she's looking for.

<>Ambiance<> Inside the room, a soldier seems to be supervising the training of a couple of others.

<>Ambiance<> The two men training are wearing Ring Mail, and appear to be training with short swords.

* Elisandra heads to an empty part of the room, and does a short warm-up before pulling out her blade.

<>Ambiance<> After a moment, you recognize the voice of the one training them, it's Salov.

<Salov> Ah, hello Lady Elisandra.

<Elisandra> "Greetings."

<Salov> Is there something I can do for you? Or.. are you looking for a bit of practice perhaps?

<Elisandra> "That's exactly what I'm here for. Practice."

<Salov> Hmm, one moment.

<Salov> OK, you two, take a break.

<>Ambiance<> The sparing pair sheath their swords and depart.

* Salov turns back to Elisandra and says "Would you mind if I were your opponent?"

<Elisandra> "Not at all..."

<Salov> Ah, good, one moment then. Let me get prepared...

* Salov walks back into what appears to be a locker room type area.

* Salov returns in a few moments. He now wears his suit of chain mail, and carries his short sword.

* Elisandra idly twirls her blade.

<Salov> Are you ready, lady Elisandra?

<Elisandra> "Always."

<Elisandra> "What're the rules?"

<Salov> This is non lethal combat of course. Strike only with the flat of your blade. When you feel you can no longer go on, or that you would be beaten if this were real, cry out and the judge over there (he points so someone you had not noticed before) is a skilled healer, and is here to take care of us in case of any mishaps.

<Elisandra> "Understood."

<Salov> Any questions?

<Elisandra> "No."

<Salov> To you goes the honor of the first strike. Have at me then!

<Elisandra> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <Roll for Taros [hit]: 19> +2

<Elisandra> #roll 1d8+2 damage
<RPGServ> <Roll for Taros [1d8+2]: 8> damage

* Elisandra hits Salov very solidly with the flat of her blade.

<Salov> Nice shot lass.

<Salov> #roll hit
<RPGServ> <Roll for Salov [hit]: 5>

* Salov misses badly in his counter attack.

<Elisandra> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <Roll for Taros [hit]: 3> +2

<Elisandra> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <Roll for Taros [hit]: 10> +2

* Elisandra 's next couple swings aren't nearly as lucky.

<Salov> #roll hit
<RPGServ> <Roll for Salov [hit]: 12>

* Salov misses, but only by a little this time.

<Elisandra> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <Roll for Taros [hit]: 9> +2

* Elisandra swings at him again to no avail.

<Salov> You caught me unaware with your quickness on the first blow, but now, I have you timed... I hope.

<Salov> #roll hit
<RPGServ> <Roll for Salov [hit]: 15>

<Salov> #roll 1d6+3 damage
<RPGServ> <Roll for Salov [1d6+3]: 6> damage

* Elisandra grits her teeth and redoubles her efforts, determined not to let the hit slow her down.

<Elisandra> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <Roll for Taros [hit]: 11> +2

<Elisandra> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <Roll for Taros [hit]: 7> +2

* Elisandra swings twice, missing both times.

<Salov> #roll hit
<RPGServ> <Roll for Salov [hit]: 1>

<Salov> #roll 1d6+3 damage
<RPGServ> <Roll for Salov [1d6]: 5> damage

* Salov trips and twists his knee a bit as he falls.

<Salov> Argh

<Elisandra> "You okay to continue?"

<Salov> Yes, keep going.

<Elisandra> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <Roll for Taros [hit]: 13> +2

<Elisandra> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <Roll for Taros [hit]: 14> +2

* Elisandra does her best to make Salov regret those words.

<Elisandra> #roll 1d8+2 damage
<RPGServ> <Roll for Taros [1d8+2]: 3> damage

<Elisandra> #roll 1d8+2
<RPGServ> <Roll for Taros [1d8+2]: 8> damage

* Elisandra smacks the downed Salov once semi-lightly, and another time very solidly.

* Salov manages to struggle to his feet and lunge forward to attack finally.

<Salov> #roll hit
<RPGServ> <Roll for Salov [hit]: 14>

<Salov> #roll 1d6+3 damage
<RPGServ> <Roll for Salov [1d6+3]: 7> damage

<Elisandra> "Ergh... That'd probably do it if this was a real fight."

<Salov> Phew…

<Salov> You're pretty good, you know?

<Elisandra> "You too."

<Salov> Years of training.

<Salov> You're just a natural, it seems.

* Elisandra runs her hand through her hair. "Yeah... kinda."

<Elisandra> "Natural talent and a swordfights on the street?"

* Salov thinks “I see at least some of what caught the lady's eye about this one now.”

* Elisandra sheathes the blade with a flourish.

<Elisandra> "Good fight."

<Salov> You too. Better fight than I usually get from my men, I can assure you of that.

<Salov> I think I better get cleaned up before dinner now. Maybe we could have another go at a later date.

* Salov smiles.

<Elisandra> "Lookin' forward to it." She grins.

<Salov> If you need, he *points to the judge* can give you a healing spell. I'll get my scratches taken care of later.

* Salov bows and departs.

<Elisandra> "Alright. Later."

* Elisandra looks at the judge guy. "Erm... If you've got a minor healing spell that you wouldn't mind sparing, it'd be appreciated."

<TheJudge> Ah, let me have a look at that.

* Elisandra looks like half of her bruises are healed.

<TheJudge> Ah... I'm... that’s odd, I apologize.

<TheJudge> Well, if you want to come back later, maybe I can help some more, but I do have to save back a bit in case someone else needs my help more, you understand?

<Elisandra> "Just a bruise, no worries."

<Elisandra> "Thanks anyway."

<>Ambiance<> Pause Chapter Ten

Session Start: Thu Apr 09 03:58:29 2009

<>Ambiance<> As she turns to leave, however, she notices a familiar face at the door.

<Aleric> You sure gave old Salov a run for his money, I have to say.

<Elisandra> "Heh... Hey, Aleric."

<Aleric> I got done early and came looking for you. One of the guards told me I could find you here.

<Aleric> You're a lot tougher than you look, you know.

<Elisandra> "I... Err... Thanks."

<Aleric> Would you be up for another round? If you're tired or whatnot, it's ok...

<Elisandra> "Heh, I'm still quite fine."

<Aleric> Well, let me take care of those bruises you have first at least.

<Elisandra> "Alright. Appreciated."

<Aleric> OK, same rules you and Salov used are good then.

<Aleric> Ready?

<Elisandra> "Heh... You've got no weapon drawn?"

* Elisandra pulls out her sword.

* Aleric draws his flail.

<Elisandra> "Mm... Then let us begin."

<Aleric> Count of three.

<Aleric> One.

<Aleric> Two.

<Aleric> Three!

<Elisandra> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <Roll for Taros [hit]: 15> +2

<Elisandra> #roll 1d8+2
<RPGServ> <Roll for Taros [1d8+2]: 9>

* Elisandra dashes forward, and lands a really solid thwap on Aleric with the flat of her blade.

<Aleric> Ugh, Salov was right, you're really quick.

<Elisandra> "Thanks."

<Aleric> #roll hit +1
<RPGServ> <Roll for Aleric [hit]: 20> +1

* Aleric strikes back and lands a crushing blow to Elisandra's midsection.

<Elisandra> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <Roll for Taros [hit]: 17> +2

<Elisandra> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <Roll for Taros [hit]: 7> +2

<Elisandra> #roll 1d8+2
<RPGServ> <Roll for Taros [1d8+2]: 5>

* Elisandra grunts, grits her teeth, and takes two swipes at Aleric in response, scoring an okay hit.

<Aleric> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <Roll for Aleric [hit]: 20> +2

* Aleric pirouettes and lands another crushing blow to the midsection.

<>Ambiance<> Elisandra collapses to the gound, the wind knocked out of her.

* Elisandra grunts and sputters curses.

* Aleric drops his flail and rushes to the girl's aid.

<Aleric> You ok?

<Elisandra> "Nice shot..."

* Elisandra winces.

<Aleric> Thanks, but...

* Aleric doesn't wait for her to answer, he just casts.

* Elisandra grits her teeth and pulls herself to her feet. "You heal as well as you fight."

<Aleric> thanks... but, honestly, those were lucky shots...

<Elisandra> "Well then. Rematch?"

* Aleric smiles "Sure"

* Aleric heals himself.

* Elisandra holds up her sword, and takes a deep breath, closing her eyes for an instant. -Not going to lose this one. I don't care how good he is.-

<Aleric> You count us to three this time, ok?

<Elisandra> "Aye."

<Elisandra> "Three."

<Elisandra> "Two."

<Elisandra> "One."

<Elisandra> #roll init
<RPGServ> <Roll for Taros [init]: 2>

<Aleric> #roll init
<RPGServ> <Roll for Aleric [init]: 10>

<Elisandra> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <Roll for Taros [hit]: 13> +2

* Aleric barely dodges.

<Aleric> I was ready for you this time.

<Aleric> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <Roll for Aleric [hit]: 14> +2

* Aleric swings back, missing Elissandra by the narrowest of margins.

<Elisandra> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <Roll for Taros [hit]: 14> +2

<Elisandra> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <Roll for Taros [hit]: 1> +2

* Elisandra nearly scores a hit on Aleric, then the sword drops from her sweat slicked hand.

* Aleric Stops and says "Go retrieve it. There's nothing to gained by striking at you when you're weaponless."

<Elisandra> "My mistake. You'd do well to take advantage of it." She reaches for the sword, fully expecting to be attacked.

<Elisandra> "Real enemy won't stop when you drop your blade..."

<Aleric> Eh, very well then.

<Aleric> #roll hit +4
<RPGServ> <Roll for Aleric [hit]: 6> +4

* Aleric swings halfheartedly, and misses badly.

* Elisandra slips in and grabs her sword off the ground.

<Aleric> Very nice, I see you've practiced that move.

* Aleric strikes again.

<Aleric> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <Roll for Aleric [hit]: 20> +2

* Aleric fakes the pirouette move and then strikes, landing yet another heavy blow.

<Elisandra> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <Roll for Taros [hit]: 4> +2

<Elisandra> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <Roll for Taros [hit]: 15> +2

<Elisandra> #roll 1d8+2
<RPGServ> <Roll for Taros [1d8+2]: 4>

* Elisandra winces, grits her teeth, and swings back twice, landing a far too weak hit.

<Aleric> You sure you want to go on?

<Elisandra> "I never give up."

<Aleric> Good girl!

* Elisandra 's expression shows the intensity of someone who almost always fights for their life - not someone who's fought many training matches.

* Aleric tries the pirouette move again.

<Aleric> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <Roll for Aleric [hit]: 12> +2

<>Ambiance<> It doesn't miss by much, but it does miss.

<Elisandra> "Not going to work on me twice..." She says, as she dodges out of the way.

<Elisandra> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <Roll for Taros [hit]: 5> +2

* Elisandra 's answering attack isn't effective in any way.

<Aleric> Learning your enemies moves is important.

<Aleric> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <Roll for Aleric [hit]: 17> +2

<Aleric> #roll 1d6+4
<RPGServ> <Roll for Aleric [1d6+4]: 10>

* Aleric tries a new tactic, again landing a heavy blow.

<Elisandra> "You gotta... be kidding me." She drops to one knee.

<Aleric> I... twas luck, I assure you.

<Elisandra> "Luck or not, I'd still be dead in a real fight."

<Aleric> Aye, that’s true enough.

<Elisandra> "Which means I either got to get better or be luckier."

<Elisandra> "And I can't control the second."

<Aleric> Maybe a little of both.

<Aleric> A friend of mine named Sirian used to say; Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good, sometimes it's better to be good than lucky.

* Elisandra 's actually trying to keep herself talking more normally than she would usually... she really doesn't take losing or being inferior well, at all.

<Aleric> Maybe we'll get to practice a bit on the way if you like.

* Elisandra stands up. She doesn't look like she wants to end it at this.

* Aleric sees the fire in her eyes and thinks "Wow, she's a fierce one. Don't see many girls like this."

<Aleric> Or, tell you what...

* Aleric casts a spell again.

<Elisandra> "Almost all of the fights I get in are real. Simply enough. I can't let myself lose."

<>Ambiance<> Aleric again cures all of her wounds.

<Aleric> Aye. I can see it in your eyes. You want to have one more go don't you?

<Elisandra> "I said it before, and I'll say it again. You heal as well as you hit."

<Elisandra> "Yes."

<Aleric> Alright. Mind you, I’ve got exactly two spells left today, so we both might be sleeping with a few bruises when this is over.

* Aleric smiles.

<Elisandra> "I've slept with far worse."

* Elisandra would smile, were she not already mentally preparing for the next.

<Aleric> Alright then. I'll count us this time.

<Aleric> One.

<Aleric> Two.

<Elisandra> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <Roll for Taros [hit]: 12> +2

* Elisandra dashes forward with a quick strike, but doesn't manage to land a hit.

* Aleric halfheartedly strikes back.

<Aleric> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <Roll for Aleric [hit]: 9> +2

* Aleric misses badly as a result.

<Elisandra> "Don't hold back."

<Elisandra> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <Roll for Taros [hit]: 10> +2

<Elisandra> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <Roll for Taros [hit]: 12> +2

* Elisandra 's blade snakes through the air for Aleric twice, but doesn't manage to score a telling blow.

<Aleric> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <Roll for Aleric [hit]: 19> +2

<Aleric> #roll 1d6+4
<RPGServ> <Roll for Aleric [1d6+4]: 10>

* Aleric lands yet another heavy blow.

<Elisandra> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <Roll for Taros [hit]: 15> +2

<Elisandra> #roll 1d8+2
<RPGServ> <Roll for Taros [1d8+2]: 6>

* Elisandra grunts, and swings back, landing a decent hit.

<Aleric> You have a lot of fight in you, you never give up, I like that.

<Aleric> #roll hit
<RPGServ> <Roll for Aleric [hit]: 17>

<Aleric> #roll 1d6+4
<RPGServ> <Roll for Aleric [1d6+4]: 5>

* Aleric lands still another blow. Not a heavy one this time, but still enough to bring Elissandra to her knees one more time.

* Elisandra presses her mouth into a line to avoid saying some very unladylike things.

<Aleric> I'd go again but, well, low on healing magic. That and our "wonderful hostess" will be expecting us for dinner soon.

<>Ambiance<> There was obvious sarcasm in his voice on those two words.

<Elisandra> "... after dinner, or something, then?"

<Aleric> Heh, let's see how long dinner runs. If nothing else, in the morning before we leave if that's ok with you?

<Elisandra> "Alright."

* Elisandra runs her hand through her hair, and suppresses a sigh. "Very well done, on all three counts."

<Aleric> Thanks. I'm actually looking forward to the day when we can fight on the same side.

<Elisandra> "That'd probably be better. For me, at least."

* Elisandra sheathes her sword, and tries to relax a bit.

<Aleric> I'm going to take a quick bath before dinner. You gave me quite a workout. See you in a few.

<Elisandra> "... Yeah, I might do that too." -... might help me relax too.-

<Aleric> OK then, I'll walk with you to the bottom of the stairs then.

* Elisandra exhales, quickly thinking of a topic change.. "So.. We're heading out tomorrow, then?"

<Aleric> Yeah.

<Aleric> Headed for a town in the southwest corner of the realm.

<Elisandra> "About how many days journey?

<Aleric> I'm guessing a little over a week, though don't hold me to it. I've never been there.

<Elisandra> "Alright."

<Aleric> It might be 10 days at the outside. Depends on how hard old Salov has us drive the horses.

<Elisandra> "Right."

<>Ambiance<> The pair reach the stairs down to the bath.

<Aleric> Ah, here is where we part ways for a bit I'm afraid, see you at dinner.

<Elisandra> "Right, so, see you 'round."

<Elisandra> "Later."

* Aleric heads over to the men's baths and disappears from view.

* Elisandra heads over to the women's baths.

<>Ambiance<> When Elisandra reaches the baths, the guard outside hands her a couple of towels.

<Elisandra> "Thanks."

* Elisandra proceeds inside.

<>Ambiance<> Inside, Elisandra sees a familiar face. It belongs to Tajna.

<>Ambiance<> Tajna also sees Elisandra enter.

* Tajna nods towards Elisandra.

* Elisandra returns the nod, tho' she is distracted.

<Tajna> --hmm, well, this should be interesting.-- So, did you get to have a look around?

<Elisandra> "Yeah, a bit." She disrobes promptly, and hops in the nearest warm pool. Her weapons and stuff are well within arm's reach.

<Tajna> ...

<Tajna> OK, find anything interesting?

<Elisandra> "Nah, not really. Clean, nice little town..." She shrugs. Tajna might've noticed that she seems to have a light sheen of sweat on her, and a few bruises. If she was lookin' when she entered, or something.

<Tajna> Yeah, it is a bit clean. Strange to be somewhere that has a lot of half elves around. So, you have a run in with a mob or did you find something else to do?

<Elisandra> "Sparred a couple people. Doubt a mob would just leave bruises..."

<Tajna> --Well, there went my attempt at humor. She is going to be fun later-- "Sparring? Good idea, that, getting ready and all to leave. I hope you beat 'em."

<Elisandra> "Yeah. Practice's good."

* Tajna nods and grabs the folded washcloth next to her head and sinks down low. After capturing the floating soap, she begins to wash. "Well, at least you had success.

<Tajna> "Getting a good round of practice does nothing but make you more ready. Wish I would have thought of that, but I had other matters to worry about."

<Elisandra> "You can still probably get some in before we go, I'd reckon."

<Tajna> True. I will talk to Salov this evening and see what he thinks."

<Tajna> "Hmmm, this place we are traveling too, is it far? Do you know anything about it? Because I sure don't."

<Elisandra> "I think he'll be happy to oblige, as he's the first person I sparred."

<Elisandra> "And... Aleric said it was a little above a week, give or take some. Though he also said he's never been there."

<Tajna> "A week? That seems an awful long way away." Tajna glances sidelong at Elisandra. "Salov...did you have trouble with him at all?"

<Elisandra> "I got more hits in on him than he got in on me. I'd say I did rather well against him."

<Tajna> --Interesting. Either he isn't a great fighter or she is better than she looks. I am hoping it is the second option.-- "Always good to know, especially if I am able to get in a bit of a skirmish before setting out."

* Elisandra nods. "I need to work on my bladework, either way."

<Tajna> Heh, at least you will admit it. I'd say that is a great thing." Tajna slips completely under the water for a few seconds and resurfaces.

<Tajna> "Do you think The Lady will do anymore of that magic stuff?"

<Elisandra> "... Well, uh. 'possibly'?"

<Tajna> "Yeah, that's what I thought."

* Elisandra shrugs.

<Tajna> Tajna soaked for a few minutes longer and sighed. "I've been here a while and quite frankly don't want to show up all wrinkly. I don't think I have been the most outstanding person so far in this group. I think I will take my leave and go up to my room."

<Elisandra> "I think dinner is soon."

* Tajna steps out of the bath and wraps a towel around herself as she begins to dry her hair. "Yeah, probably is. I will have to prepare for dinner in more ways than one."

<Elisandra> "I should probably get movin' too."

* Tajna gathers up her dirty clothes and heads for the door. She opens it, and seeing the guard, tosses the towel at his head and takes off up the stairs in her towel.

* Elisandra climbs out, proceeds to dry off and dress again.

* Elisandra sees the towel wearing Tajna dash up, and decides she might want to head to her room for spare clothes too, though she does so in a more calm manner.

* Tajna reaches the door of her room and opens it. Looking back she sees a trail of wet footprints following her and laughs quietly, mostly amused by herself. She looks around and sees no one, which is a relief. She really should have thought that more thoroughly.

* Elisandra meanders into her room, opening the door, heading inside, and changing into fresh clothes. -Heh... Clean, with fresh clothes. Feels nice.-

* Tajna changes into the fresh clothes left for her and walks to the window. She looks out and sees the palace...sighing. Here we go. I better not screw this up again. She hangs her head slightly and heads for the door, and begins to walk to dinner.

* Elisandra wanders back out of her room, nonchalantly meandering towards where she thinks dinner would be.

<>Ambiance<> Elsewhere, while Tajna and Elisandra bathed, Salov decided to look in on the professor.

* Salov knocks at Wimji's door "Professor, surely you are awake by now?" he calls out.

* Wimji yawns. "Yes, I just woke up a few moments ago."

<Wimji> Do you need something?

* Salov thinks to himself "A few minutes ago? Geez, it's almost 5PM!"

<Salov> Yes, actually, I wanted to ask you... do you your have blueprints or anything of that crossbow?

<Salov> I mean, I know how useful crossbows are. I use one myself.

<Wimji> All I have with me at the moment is a few rough preliminary sketches. My blueprints are at home.

<Salov> I was thinking perhaps, if you had a blueprint or some sketches, maybe one of our cross... ah, that's... well, all your stuff is being brought here of course, but it won't arrive till after we leave.

* Salov frowns.

<Salov> I WAS hoping we could replicated it, but... well, perhaps after we get back from the mission?

<Wimji> Well, I'll see what I can do with yours in the meantime.

<Salov> Oh, not this one... its, you can keep a secret right?

<Wimji> Of course I can.

<Salov> Well, this one is enchanted.

<Salov> I would like you to make me one like yours, though. Could you manage that as we travel?

<Wimji> I would love to.

<Salov> Excellent. If you could make me a list of the things that you require, I can pick it up after dinner, and I can arrange to have those things picked up before we leave in the morning. Is that alright?

<Wimji> Quite alright. I'll get right on that.

<Salov> Very good. Also, I was going to have one of my guards show you around town, but, well, you did sleep rather late.

<Salov> Most of the establishments other than the inns will be closed after dinner. If there is anything that you require personally, within reason, make a list of that also, and we'll see that it gets picked up.

<Wimji> Okay, I'll think over what I might need.

<Salov> Dinner is in about an hour then. If you need anything, just ask the guard outside.

* Salov turns to go, then says "Oh, I almost forgot"

* Salov reaches into his backpack and pulls out a large, heavy book.

<Salov> I think you might have been wanting this right away

<>Ambiance<> Wimji recognizes her book of cantrips, retrieved from her residence.

<Wimji> Yes, thank you so much for bringing it to me! Amazingly useful they are.

<Salov> You're welcome. See you at dinner then professor.

<Salov> And, thank you in advance for the repeating crossbow.

* Salov bows and departs.

* Wimji slowly drifts back into her room and begins to get ready for dinner.

<>Ambiance<> End Chapter Ten</lj-cut>
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