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More from Alleris. This was all done in one day, in three pieces, over two different networks! Because of the continued instability of the Caelestia network, the game was moved to Tellaerad (for good) in the middle of this session.

Alleris - Allen; All other characters - Underdog

Session Start: Fri Apr 24 15:26:31 200

<>Ambiance<> Begin Chapter Twelve.

<>Ambiance<> After a well deserved nights sleep, Alleris is awakened by a knock on the door.

* Alleris sits up immediately, and throws off the covers of his bedding. He stands up, and heads to the door, swinging it open a bit with a smile.

<UnknownKnight> Hello. I've been sent to deliver a message to you.

* UnknownKnight hands over a scroll.

* Alleris nods quietly, and takes the scroll, unfurling it in silence and reading it over then.

<>Ambiance<> The scroll is written in the common Mithronian and reads: Thank you so much for your help defending the city. I've heard from Major Fanwick how invaluable your help was. I wanted you to know that, without your fortifications, the city would likely have suffered major casualties from the goblins frontal attack. The makeshift crew of last minute defenders was only able to hold the goblins at bay thanks to your fine work. I've authorized an additional payment as a reward for you. The guard will deliver it to you when you finish reading this. If you ever want to settle down to more permanent work, you know where to find me. - The High Lady in the service of Zanxia.

<UnknownKnight> I believe this is yours as well.

* UnknownKnight hands Alleris a two pound bag of Golden Knights.

* Alleris glances up from the scroll with a smile, he furls it happily, deciding to keep it, and he takes the bag from the Knight, blinking "Thank you."

<UnknownKnight> Oh, I almost forgot.

* UnknownKnight hands Alleris another scroll.

* Alleris takes it from the Knight, unfurling this one as well.

<>Ambiance<> This one reads: To whomever it may concern, this letter highly recommends Alleris to any who may consider employing him. - (The seal of the church of Zanxia is affixed.)

<Alleris> "I see...Thank you for bringing this to me." he smiles lightly, again. Holding particular pride in a letter of recommendation.

<UnknownKnight> One final thing. One of the elven archers is down in the common room. He asked that I let you know that he'd like to speak with you when you're ready to come down.

<Alleris> "Alright. Let me grab my things and I’ll be down." he remarks, nodding.

<UnknownKnight> You're room is reserved till tomorrow morning. If there is anything else you require, you may ride over to our castle and ask there. Good day sir, and thank you.

* UnknownKnight departs.

* Alleris nods, and then goes about grabbing his things. he slides on his armor, and grabs the sack of his belongings, and heads downstairs.

<>Ambiance<> Once downstairs, Alleris has no trouble spotting the Archer, sitting alone at a table in the corner. The archer clearly hasn't noticed Alleris yet, however.

* Alleris walks over to him, waving a friendly greeting.

<ElvenArcher> Ah, Alleris, good day to you.

<Alleris> "And a good day to you."

<ElvenArcher> My captain sent me over to talk with you because he does not speak the human tongue well.

<Alleris> "Ahh. Alright then." he takes a seat, smiling a bit.

<ElvenArcher> He asked me to give you an update on the things that happened in the night. One of the human soldiers of your acquaintance told him you would want to know. He also has an offer for you.

<ElvenArcher> First, there were very few casualties on our side thanks to the overwhelming surprise attack.

<ElvenArcher> Second, it seems that only goblins were captured. All of the other creatures were either killed or captured, or, possibly, escaped.

<Alleris> "I see..." he listens, quietly to the archer.

<ElvenArcher> Third, and very interestingly, when the goblins were put up for interrogation... all of the ones who tried to give information died of some sort of... seizure.

<Alleris> "...That's...different."

<ElvenArcher> It’s thought that this was caused by some sort of enemy spell preventing them from telling us anything useful, which is a shame, as any information gained from them might have made future jobs along the boarder easier...

<Alleris> "Hm...That's troubling."

<ElvenArcher> There weren't many goblin survivors anyhow. The fireballs from those magicians that live in the high priestess' town killed most of them off before things really got started it seems.

<Alleris> "Mmm...I wouldn’t imagine so after something like that."

<ElvenArcher> She's arguing with the mayor of this town about what to do with the rest of them. The mayor wants to make slaves out of them, the high priestess just wants to send them back home.

<ElvenArcher> Myself, I really don't care about this stuff, mind you. I don’t know if it’s of interest to you either, but I was asked to relay this information to you by one of the priestess' knights who said it would matter to you.

* Alleris considers for a moment, and mulls it all over, and then nods "Indeed, thank you for telling me."

<ElvenArcher> Now, as for what does matter to my captain and I. What are you planning on doing next? Have you have seen the fliers from the town to the east offering outrageous prices for mercenary help?

<Alleris> "Indeed I have."

<ElvenArcher> My captain intends for us to ride out later today to answer those fliers.

<Alleris> "Oh?" he continues in his thoughts, though that catches his eye.

<ElvenArcher> I argued that we could use a day of rest today, but he's rather insistent that we go today because of the outrageous price they are offering.

<ElvenArcher> He doesn't want to lose out on that kind of money by being a day or two late.

<Alleris> "Naturally, I can understand that."

<ElvenArcher> Furthermore, he sent me to see if I could convince you to come with us. He seems to think you're a drifter, and this job might appeal to you as well.

<Alleris> "Hm...I was planning to head out anyways, I think traveling with others would be safer. It'd be nice to travel with travel with you, if you have the space."

<ElvenArcher> The safety in numbers thing was exactly his feeling as well. He felt it was only fair to make such an offer to you, since you paid a day of our wages out of your pocket. You can ride a horse, yes?

<Alleris> "Yes."

<ElvenArcher> If you need one, we have a spare one. It belonged to one of our comrades was lost in the battle... fortunately he was the one.

<Alleris> "...I see. I could use a spare one, yes...And, I apologize, losing comrades is never fun."

<ElvenArcher> No, it isn't, but it's unfortunately an occupational hazard.

<Alleris> "Indeed."

<ElvenArcher> Can you be ready to depart by noon?

<Alleris> "I can."

<ElvenArcher> It's going to be a four day ride. We'll camp under the stars tonight. The next two nights we'll spend in towns along the way, as there are only two.

<Alleris> "Alright then."

<ElvenArcher> Very few towns along the boarder. It seems, not many humans like the idea of living with a swamp for their back yard.

* ElvenArcher chuckles a little.

<Alleris> "Hm. I can imagine not, To each their own, though."

<ElvenArcher> By the way, my name is Niethan. It's good to have you along with us.

* Niethan stands up and extends his hand to shake.

* Alleris shakes his hand, happily.

<Alleris> "A pleasure."

<Niethan> I'll see you at the stables in a couple of hours then.

* Niethan departs.

<>Ambiance<> Alleris orders breakfast since he's here. It's good, but not spectacular. Nothing eventful happens, and he returns to his room to make ready.

* Alleris goes about getting all of his stuff into his bag, making sure his armor is on correctly, and making sure things are proper, before he waits for the time to tick down to high noon.

<>Ambiance<> Nothing eventful happens. It's now probably a quarter till noon on the sun dial.

* Alleris heads out in that case, towards the point where he was to meet the Elves.

<=Scene=> Network change because of the continued instability on the previous home of this game.

<=Scene=> Alleris has no trouble finding the elves. Niethan sees Alleris coming and begins leading a horse to him.

<Niethan> Her name is Tamuril. I am sure she will serve you well.

<Allen> "Alright, thank you." he nods politely.

<=Scene=> A sound of thunder is heard in the not so distance.

<Niethan> Looks like we're in for some rain soon.

<Alleris> "That's alright. I kind of like the rain. Though it could impede us."

<Niethan> Can't say the countryside doesn't need it. Still, would be nice if it could happen on a day we weren't riding.

<Niethan> We're going to ride about halfway to Gainesville tonight, so that we can stop there tomorrow night.

<Niethan> You have everything you need before we depart?

<Alleris> "I do indeed."

<Niethan> Very well then. I think we're all ready to go.

* Alleris nods.

* Niethan mounts his horse. Most of the company have already mounted and are ready to ride.

<Niethan> Better mount up then, looks like we're ready to ride out.

* Alleris goes about saddling up on his horse then.

<=Scene=> You hear the captain of the group call out something in some elven tongue you don't understand.

<=Scene=> Moments later, the group begins moving towards the city gates.

<Niethan> You mind if I ride next to you?

<Alleris> "That'd be fine."

<=Scene=> The group rides slowly leaving town, but picks up the pace quite a bit as soon as it passes the gate.

<Niethan> Have you ever been this way before?

<Alleris> "Can't say as I have."

<Niethan> Ah, well, Gainesville, for which the swamp is named, is the only really large town down along the boarder of the swamp. It's about 150 miles from here, so there is no use trying to make it in one day.

<Niethan> Apparently it's the only town down here the King of this realm really cares about, as he doesn't seen to be very eager to help the others when they ask for it these days.

<=Scene=> It begins to rain.

<Alleris> "Right... That sounds unpleasant."

<Niethan> Well, that’s good news for us of course. If the king provided the proper amount of help to these towns, there'd be no need for us.

* Niethan chuckles.

<Alleris> "Makes sense..."

<Niethan> This king of theirs has been great for business for us. His predecessors all seemed to realize the importance of a good boarder defense... not that they needed one much.

<Niethan> Kind of fortuitous that problems in the region only seemed to start right about the time that an idiot took the throne.

<Niethan> No offense intended if you're one of his supporters of course.

<Alleris> "I see...Hm, No, I don't really."

<Niethan> I didn't think you were... didn't seem the type... wouldn't be at all surprised if you weren't even from Mithrim originally.

<Niethan> So, how'd you end up in this line of work?

<=Scene=> It starts raining harder.

<Alleris> "I was the local hero of my town, of sorts. Helping defend it and the like, then I became a traveler, and continued."

<Niethan> Ah, you like traveling then?

<Alleris> "I do."

<Niethan> Interesting. Most humans don't seem to care for it much these days.

<Alleris> "I suppose I’m not like most, then."

<Niethan> No, I don't think you are. I've dealt with a lot of them as elves go I suppose. The captain always has me help with negotiations with humans, and most of them don't seem inclined to care much about anything other than staying in one place and plying whatever trade they have in safety.

<Alleris> "My profession forces me to travel, I like it. Seeing different places."

<Niethan> Arland is a very beautiful land to me. I hear the old folk of my race say it is not as beautiful as the old days, but still, I love traveling from place to place, helping people.

<=Scene=> it begins to pour. The group rides over to a nearby wooded area where a stream runs. They ride a short distance into the woods, then they dismount and begin watering their horses.

<Niethan> Hopefully it lets up soon, or It'll slow us up on the road. It will be nothing but solid mud.

<Niethan> You know, I had an offer to stay back at the last stop. One of the elf-maids that served that high priestess took a liking to me and offered me a job there.

<Niethan> Very pretty she was too. Told me she could get me on with the town guard.

<Alleris> "Hm? Why'd you decide to come along, if I may ask."

<Niethan> I have to admit the offer was tempting.

<Niethan> The girl was far prettier than what I deserve, but... I guess I've just been a traveling mercenary for so long, I don't know how to be anything else.

<Niethan> Maybe someday I’ll settle down, but I guess I'm just not ready yet.

<Niethan> Still too much of this land I haven't seen.

<Alleris> "I see...That's...Nice, I suppose. You've got a good mindset, I share part of it, I like seeing what I haven’t seen yet. It makes me happy just to see new things."

<=Scene=> Another elf approaches Niethan and says something in an elven tongue.

<=Scene=> Niethan answers him, and a short conversation ensues.

<=Scene=> It begins to hail!

<=Scene=> Niethan finishes the conversation with the other elf and turns back to Alleris.

<Niethan> Well, we're pitching camp here because of the weather.

<Alleris> "Alright then, that works."

<Niethan> We can make it to Gainesville from here tomorrow. It'll be a long ride, but I don't think anyone wants to leave the cover of the forest right now.

<Niethan> Our people who have knowledge of weather and such seem to think this is going to go on for the next couple hours at least... lets tie up the horses and get helping pitch the tents.

* Alleris nods, and goes about that.

<=Scene=> The pea sized hail stops, but torrential rain continues to pelt down on the canopy of the woods.

<=Scene=> the company hurriedly pitches the tents and scurries inside.

<=Scene=> End Chapter Twelve.
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