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More from the main group, as they get ready to leave... finally.

Elisandra - Taros; Tajna - Eukara; All other Characters - Underdog (Including a "guest playing" of Wimji)

<=Scene=> Begin Chapter 14

<=Scene=> Dinner is over. Tajna and Wimji have returned to their rooms to pack up for the night. As he said he would, Salov dropped by Wimji's room briefly to pick up a list of items the professor would need to make him one of those repeating crossbows during the journey. Meanwhile, since dinner ended early, Aleric and Elisandra have decided to have their rematch before turning in, instead of doing it in the morning.

* Elisandra takes a deep breath, and soon the ringing of a blade being drawn is heard throughout the training room. Her expression shows that, under no circumstances, does she intend to lose again. She eyes Aleric, soon saying "You ready?"

<Aleric> As ready as I'll ever be I expect.

<Elisandra> "Very well, then."

<Aleric> Count us down.

<Elisandra> "Three."

<Elisandra> "Two."

<Elisandra> "One."

<Aleric> #roll hit
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Aleric: 12>

<=Scene=> For once, Aleric strikes first. Not that that was a good thing necessarily, as he missed badly.

<Elisandra> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Taros: 5> +2

* Elisandra 's return strike also fares ineffective.

<Elisandra> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Taros: 11> +2

* Elisandra 's next swing is closer, but still no good.

<Aleric> #roll hit
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Aleric: 13>

<=Scene=> Aleric's second strike looks about like his first.

<Elisandra> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Taros: 7> +2

* Elisandra swings ineffectively again.

<Aleric> Well, at least you're dodge looks better. Maybe you were just worn down by that long battle with old Salov.

<Aleric> #roll hit
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Aleric: 6>

<=Scene=> Aleric's blows are getting wilder, not more true.

<Elisandra> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Taros: 11> +2

* Elisandra strikes back with a decent... well, attempt, at least.

<Aleric> #roll hit
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Aleric: 15>

<Aleric> #roll 1d6+4 damage
<RPGServ> <Results for Aleric [1d6+4]: 8> damage

<=Scene=> Aleric lands a strong blow to the upper torso.

<Elisandra> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Taros: 19> +2

<Elisandra> #roll 1d8+2 Damage
<RPGServ> <Results for Taros [1d8+2]: 6> Damage

* Elisandra grits her teeth, and replies in kind, landing a blow that's almost as good.

<Aleric> Nice answer to my blow.

<Elisandra> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Taros: 3> +2

* Elisandra cautiously attempts another strike. Too cautiously.

<Elisandra> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Taros: 11> +2

* Elisandra brings her blade to bear for another attack, coming closer to hitting this time.

<Aleric> #roll hit
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Aleric: 18>

<Aleric> #roll 1d6+4 damage
<RPGServ> <Results for Aleric [1d6+4]: 6> damage

* Aleric connects with another solid blow.

* Elisandra winces and steps back. She doesn't fall to her knees or anything, but it's clear she's done for this 'round.' "I'm grateful that you're going to be on my side. Rather than, you know. Whatever the other is."

<Aleric> Well, I do try. Let me heal you up and we'll have one more go before bed, ok?

* Elisandra nods.

* Aleric heals Elisandra's bruises completely again.

<Elisandra> "You heal almost as well as you fight, by the way."

<Aleric> So you say, may I continue to do so well when it counts!

<Elisandra> "Indeed."

<Elisandra> "Three..."

<Elisandra> "Two..."

<Elisandra> "One..."

<Elisandra> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Taros: 18> +2

<Elisandra> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Taros: 8> +2

<Elisandra> #roll 1d8+2
<RPGServ> <Results for Taros [1d8+2]: 9>

* Elisandra leaps forward, first feinting with a low strike, but then coming around with the real attack, and striking a powerful blow to Aleric.

* Aleric yelps.

<Aleric> Your quickness is dangerous indeed.

<Elisandra> "I try."

<Aleric> #roll hit
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Aleric: 2>

* Aleric nearly loses his balance striking back.

<Aleric> #roll hit
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Aleric: 12>

* Aleric rights himself from the wild blow and strikes again... this time nearer the mark.

<Elisandra> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Taros: 17> +2

<Elisandra> #roll 1d8+2
<RPGServ> <Results for Taros [1d8+2]: 6>

* Elisandra dances out of the way of his strike, and quickly lands a solid blow to his midsection.

<Aleric> I'm... not done yet... almost, but not quite.

<Elisandra> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Taros: 7> +2

<Elisandra> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Taros: 14> +2

* Elisandra launches a quick strike, followed by another, the second nearly connecting.

* Aleric manages to block the blow with his shield... barely.

* Aleric strikes back with gusto.

<Aleric> #roll hit
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Aleric: 20>

* Aleric lands yet another hard blow with his flail.

<Aleric> #roll hit
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Aleric: 3>

* Aleric misses badly on his next strike however.

* Elisandra almost stumbles back a foot at the great blow, quickly regaining her balance. "No... I'm not going to lose this one." It's said as a statement of fact, nothing more. She darts in forward, blade flashing quickly under Aleric's guard to connect with his midsection.

<Elisandra> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Taros: 18> +2

<Elisandra> #roll 1d8+2

<RPGServ> <Results for Taros [1d8+2]: 6>

* Aleric collapses to the ground in a heap!

<Aleric> You finally... finally got me!

* Elisandra takes only a moment to catch her breath. "Good fight..s"

<Aleric> Well, my luck finally ran out... good job.

* Elisandra shrugs. "Still one to four... for now."

<Aleric> You've improved since this afternoon though.

<Elisandra> "Thanks."

<Aleric> For what it's worth, I'm glad you're going to be on my side on this trip.

<Elisandra> "Heh. Good to hear that."

<Aleric> I better get going now. Got prayers to say before we leave in the morning.

<Aleric> Plus, I'm out of healing for the day, and I wouldn't want accidents to happen to either of us.

<Elisandra> "Yeah, alright."

<Aleric> See you in the morning then.

<Elisandra> "Later."

<=Scene=> Meanwhile, we look in on Tajna...

* Tajna stepped slowly up the steps to her room, looking behind her as if she feared she was being followed. --Stupid, no one is going to follow me here. I am staying in the most unsuspecting place in the land. Though, I guess this means that I will sleep well tonight.-- She opened the door and stepped in, closing the door gently.

* Tajna picks up the gemstones and walk over to the window. She loved them, not because they were expensive, but because they were beautiful. The blue one sparkled just enough. But the star quartz almost glowed underneath the moonlight. She smiled. "I never got to keep the stuff I procured for clients. I owe, Salov, but the debt is worth it."

* Tajna stares at the trees outside. --Tomorrow we leave and I will be surrounded by people that I have to work with. I barely know them, yet I have to place my life in their hands.-- She shivers and hears a knock at the door. Tajna walks over and cracks the door open. "Yes?"

<Guard> My Lady sent me to give you this.

* Guard hands over a bag of coins.

* Guard It's an advance on your "operating funds" for the trip.

* Tajna reaches out and takes the bag. "Please tell her thank you for me. She has been most kind."

<Guard> I will tell her you said so.

<Tajna> Thank you.

* Tajna shuts the door and sits on her bed, opening the bag to see how much she had.

<=Scene=> Inside the bag, you find a mix of coins worth about 20gp at a glance, obviously more than enough for a trip to the tavern.

<Tajna> Well, this is convenient. If I am to get any sleep tonight, I need to relax. I am beginning to worry about the trip and that will make it difficult to rest.

* Tajna pockets some of the coins, enough to get her a drink or two, and packs the rest with her daggers. She heads out for the tavern.

<=Scene=> Meanwhile, as Elisandra heads up to her room, finally victorious, and Tajna heads out to the bar, professor Wimji studies her book of cantrips intently.

<Wimji> It's going to be a long trip, I better make sure I have all of these handy, just in case I need them.

* Wimji refreshes all the cantrips in her mind, paying special attention to the Chill and Flavor ones.

* Wimji thinks "It's going to be hard to come by any cold drinks on the way I bet, so I definitely want to have this one prepared!"

<=Scene=> After about an hour of studying her cantrips and preparing a notebook to serve as a journal of her grand adventure on this trip, the professor nods off, and begins snoring... loudly.

<=Scene=> Tajna, meanwhile, decides to head down the other end of the main street to look for the halfling run bar.

<=Scene=> She does not have to travel far till she finds Kettering's Faralin.

<Tajna> Ahh, if their ale is half as good as their food, this will be successful!

* Tajna opens the door and steps in.

* Tajna looks around until she sees an open table against the wall a little ways from the light. It seemed cozy enough and a good place to relax. She heads for the table.

<=Scene=> there are perhaps 25 people inside, mostly drinking rather than eating.

<=Scene=> There is one person there that Tajna recognizes, Marson Ritta, owner of the shop that sold her the sewing kit.

<=Scene=> He's sitting at a table with an obviously drunk woman. He looks rather uncomfortable.

<Tajna> --Hmmm, let's weigh my options here. I could have a couple alone, relax and have some quiet.-- She looks around and recognizes Marson. --Or... I could be nice and see if Marson would like real company.--

<=Scene=> There is a bard, reciting poetry of some great battle at the bar. He has a rather attentive audience.

* Tajna gets up and approaches Marson slowly. "Hey, um remember me? Well, you look like you could use some real company and though drinking alone is calming, it isn't as much fun. I have a spot over by the wall, unless you would rather me sit here."

<DrunkWoman> What, whatsssss's sssssshe takln about?

<Marson> Ah, I remember you earlier.

<Marson> Tajna, was it?

<Tajna> Well, that is a plus one for me! Yes, Tajna is my name.

<DrunkWoman> Whossss ssshe, you're not cheatin on me are you Marsssssson.

* Tajna raised an eyebrow and looked down at the woman.

<Marson> No dear, I'm not cheating on you.

<Marson> Ah, you'll have to excuse my wife... she's having a... bad day...

<Tajna> It's fine, Marson. Did anyone else stop in today?

<Marson> Not today actually. Everyone is so busy right now it seems, what with the High Priestess saying there is going to be an attack on Arland and all.

* DrunkWoman passes out on the table.

* Tajna pulls an available chair over and sits, waving at a server to bring her a drink. "Yeah, this all is pretty crazy. I have a trip planned and am a bit wary about it. Don't know what to expect, you know?"

<Marson> Ah, I'm sorry. She... well, I guess I could do for some company if you don't mind her laying there.

* Tajna smiles. "As long as she doesn't snore like an angry bull trapped in a closet, I will be fine."

<Marson> She snores sometimes, but not that bad I expect.

* Marson sighs. I don't know what I'm going to do with her... every since our oldest was killed in that accident... but, lets not talk about that.. A trip you're going on, you say?

<Tajna> Yeah, I am being sent on this trip. Trust me, it won't be a vacation. But, it is in return for a very needful and unexpected favor.

<Marson> who's sending you and where?

<=Scene=> The barmaid arrives with Tajna's drink

* Tajna takes the drink and pays the amount right away. She takes a sip and smiles. --yep, as good as the food-- "The High Priestess is sending me and a group out to retrieve something that she needs.

* Marson raises an eyebrow.

<Tajna> Yeah, I expected that look. It's important to her and in her eyes, important to this establishment and all who live here.

<Marson> Most interesting. I'm surprised she's using outsiders for something like that. But, I suppose the knights are all busy with this defending Arlington stuff.

<Marson> Really, I don't know why she feels compelled to do that... if they are dumb enough to let themselves get attacked... oh well, I guess there are innocents there to think of though.

<Tajna> I can't imagine being in the knights shoes. And, well, according to her, each of us called have specialties that may be required to get this object. I assume that she feels the need to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

<Marson> She does. I think in a lot of ways, that's what brought this whole place is about.

<Tajna> "This place is nice. I have never been anywhere that I didn't feel like I needed to look over my shoulder constantly. It's weird, but at the same time, kinda nice. I am glad that I got to spend some time here before setting out. Perspective, I guess." Takes a long drink.

<Marson> The people here are nice, and her message of racial cooperation is rare these days.

<Marson> So, what is it you do ordinarily? What's your "skill" the lady wanted you for, if I might ask?

* Tajna bit her lower lip, trying to figure out just how honest to be. --I am a lowly thief. Sure, I hire out to the biggest and richest, but I am still a thief.-- "I specialize in procuring goods for those willing to pay for them in the name of revenge and covetousness."

<Tajna> My skills are getting around without trouble, finding things that don't want to be found and getting that which is hard to get.

<Marson> I... see.

<=Scene=> The look on his face makes it clear he doesn't.

* Tajna smiles slightly. "Honestly, it's a lot of fancy words to say that I steal for those who don't have it in themselves to do it themselves."

* Tajna braces for the usual contempt.

<Marson> Well, there are worse things one could do I suppose.

<Tajna> Not that I want to justify what I do, but most of my clientele are a bunch of rich bastards that just want what their neighbor has. I usually end up being hired to steal it back... several times.

<Marson> Well, like I said, there are worse things one could do. At least you don't hire out to kill people or something.

<Marson> There's a little of that that goes on here... the stealing, not the killing.

<Tajna> No, no, I wouldn't do that. I use my weapons to defend myself. I don't know if I could hire out to kill. Really, here? I actually find that surprising. I mean, this place seems so nice. Why would anyone want to steal?

<Marson> They mostly steal from the people in Arlington, rather than here.

<Marson> Much stealing here wouldn't be tolerated, certainly not to the degree it is in many other places.

* Tajna takes another long drink, savoring the flavor before responding. "Ahh, that makes sense. I should've realized that."

<Marson> There's a little petty stealing, pickpocketing and the like. I think the high priestess turns a blind eye to it as long as it's small scale, you know.

<Tajna> Yeah, that kind of stuff is usually pretty harmless. I mean, I guess the guy at the wrong end doesn't like it, but it could be worse.

<Marson> Now if someone was to, say, knock over one of the shops, or steal an entire family's possessions... I don't think it would end well for them.

* Tajna shakes her head. "No, I wouldn't expect that to go over well at all."

<Marson> Honestly, I thought the high priestess allowed it in case she ever NEEDED a burglar, she'd have one at hand, but whatever this thing is she wants you to do must be beyond what she feels anyone here could do for her.

<Tajna> Good theory, and possibly correct. This thing we are going for seems to be a delicate situation. Perhaps she just didn't want any of you, who she watches over daily, to have to worry about it.

<Marson> Ah well, I'd better be dragging her home now. She'll probably be sick again in a few hours...

<Marson> And I'll have to get up early and get the kids their breakfast, and open the shop... she clearly won't be in any condition to do it.

* Marson sighs.

* Tajna looked at Marson sadly. "Do you need any help, because I am willing. Otherwise, I will just say goodnight. And when I get back, maybe I will show your little ones a trick I was taught as a kid...and don't worry, I won't teach them anything roguish at all."

<Marson> I can manage alone. I'm used to it by now... The kids should be asleep by now, the neighbor is watching them, but, if you come back after the trip, do come by and show the kids your tricks, I'm sure they'd like that.

<Tajna> I will, I promise!

* Marson hoists Fashi up onto his back, and starts carrying her home.

<=Scene=> The bard who was telling the story when Tajna came in begins singing a song, now accompanied by two junior bards, a human male, and an elf female.

* Tajna sits back and watches the bards, signaling for one more. As no one else was around that she knew, she would drink this one alone, thinking about the people she has met here.

* Tajna listened, enjoying the relaxed atmosphere and her refill. The female's voice was quite beautiful and soon enough, Tajna found herself humming along with the girl.

<=Scene=> The performance is a long ballad, telling of the coming of the "otherworldly" elves, their friendship with men, and their triumphing over the forces of "evil" because of their friendship together.

* Tajna takes a couple of drinks and quietly laughs. --If this isn't an appropriate song, I don't know what is.--

<=Scene=> The song is sung in many tongues, most of which Tajna understands, but one part of it seems to be in Grey Elven, and one in a language she can't place, still, it's pleasant enough. During the performance, the barmaid arrives with another drink, and collects payment. Eventually, the performance comes to an end. the patrons clap loudly and contribute some coins to the collection jar of the performers.

* Tajna finishes off her drink and was surprised to actually feel relaxed. She stood and left the table, nodding to the bard and the juniors before exiting. As she walked back to her room, she found herself singing parts of the ballad into the night air.

<=Scene=> Nothing exciting happened to Tajna on her way back to the room. She fell asleep, her spirits buoyed by the halfling ale and the song of the bards.

<=Scene=> The night passed uneventfully. Dawn arrived. The knock came first on Wimji's door.

* Wimji continues snoring loudly.

* Kasparov thinks "At least this is the LAST time I have to wake her up for a while."

* Kasparov opens Wimji's door. "Professor, time to wake up."

* Wimji snores louder, as if to drown out whoever is speaking.

* Kasparov goes over to the professor and shakes her and says "Hey, someone stole your repeating crossbow!"

* Wimji mutters "No they didn't, its right here." She rolls over on it and falls back asleep.

<Kasparov> Well, I didn't want to have to do this, but...

<Kasparov> Lady, I need your help... please...

<=Scene=> A gallon of water appears over Wimji's body... it naturally falls, completely soaking the professor.

* Wimji sits up startled.

<Wimji> Hey, that wasn't really necessary! I was awake!

<Kasparov> Uh, sure professor. You told the guard last night you wanted a bath before you left. Would you please come down and have a bath before you go?

<Wimji> Oh, very well, but... never do that again!

* Wimji heads down to the bath area, after telling Kasparov to make sure all her stuff gets loaded on the cart. "The Lady really needs my help, and I can't help her properly without all my stuff, so make sure it all gets loaded up while I'm taking a bath!"

<=Scene=> Meanwhile, the next knock comes on Elisandra's door.

* Elisandra goes from half-asleep to awake, one hand on the hilt of her sword, rather quickly.

<Elisandra> "Yes?"

<Aleric> I came to wake you up. Thought maybe a familiar face would be better than some random guard.

* Elisandra releases the blade.

<Elisandra> "Oh, hey.

<Aleric> Salov is just finishing loading the wagons with provisions and stuff.

<Elisandra> "So.. Leavin' soon?"

* Elisandra gets up and opens the door.

<Aleric> Yeah, soon.

<Elisandra> "Alright."

<Aleric> Aparently, the almighty highness cant be bothered to give us another feast this morning, though she's sent down plenty of stuff we can eat before we leave.

<Aleric> Oh, I asked the old boy how long he thought it would take, since you asked yesterday, and he's saying about 10 days.

<Elisandra> "Alright."

<Aleric> There's going to be two wagons. Salov's bringing 4 of his mates with him, so there will be nine of us. I figured you and me could ride in one wagon with two of his soldiers, and the rest could ride in the other one if its ok with you.

<Aleric> I think he's wanting to ride with the gnome and that Tajna anyhow.

<Aleric> Anything you want packed especially in the way of food or anything else?

<Elisandra> "Sure, sounds good to me."

<Elisandra> "And, uh. Food would be nice."

<Aleric> Well, I brought up some fruit.

* Aleric opens his cloak and produces an orange, and apple, and a banana.

<Elisandra> "Yeah, that'd do."

<Aleric> There's plenty more down on the wagons, if you want. Come on down when your ready. We'll be waiting on you.

<Elisandra> "Guess I'm good now."

<=Scene=> A few minutes later, there came a knock on Tajna's door as well.

<Salov> Lady Tajna, are you awake yet?

* Tajna rubbed her eyes and looked at the window. It was still open from the night before and the cool morning air filled the room. She looked at the door as she heard Salov talk. "I am now. Thank goodness I packed last night." She rolled off the bed and walked over to the door, bare feet cold on the floor. She opened the door and greeted Salov. "Morning."

<Salov> Ah, morning. Yes, it is a good thing. I let you sleep later than the others, since you were out late last night.

* Tajna nodded. "My mind was preoccupied and I couldn't relax. But thanks for thinking about that. It was kind of you."

<Salov> I came up to ask you if there was anything special you wanted packed in the way of food or whatnot, and to let you know that we'll be leaving within the half hour. The Professor is taking her bath while Kasparov loads her stuff, and I think Elisandra is almost ready to go.

<Tajna> Hmm, citrus is always a must when I travel, so a good supply of that would be appreciated. Despite what some people think, I rather like venison jerky. So, a nice supply of that is good. Easy to munch on when hungry and takes up little room. I think I have everything else, Salov.

<Salov> The Venison I already figured on, since you had it for lunch, and Elisandra seems to like fruit, so there is plenty of that. Unless you need anything else then, I'll head back down and make final preparations.

* Tajna smiled. "It sounds like everything is covered. I will grab my stuff and head downstairs immediately."

<=Scene=> When Tajna arrived downstairs, she saw Elisandra already there, munching on an apple and talking to Aleric.

<=Scene=> Outside, they could all hear Wimji cross examining Kasparov.

<Wimji> Are you SURE you packed everything? Your lady wont be very happy if I can't serve her properly because you forgot to pack something!

<Tajna> --I actually feel sorry for Kasparov.--

<Kasparov> For the last time, yes I'm sure!

<Wimji> Where is my book of... oh, here it is! And here's my cho-ko-nu... so I guess the really important stuff made it at least... I'll take your word for it. Thanks!

* Kasparov wanders inside muttering something under his breath.

* Kasparov stops when he sees Elisandra and Tajna.

<Tajna> Morning Kasparov.

<Elisandra> "Hello."

<Kasparov> Oh, hi ladies. I wish I was going with you... but the lady has other plans for me it seems.

<Tajna> Well, think of it as a noble thing that you ar staying behind to do good here.

<Kasparov> Well... just be careful out there. Roget can be a tricky one to deal with. I'm hopeful that I'll get to see the two of you again in a month or so...

<Salov> We're ready to go.

* Tajna nods. --I bet you are-- "Farewell, Kasparov."

<Salov> Professor, Tajna, you'll rige with me if it's ok? Aleric and Elisandra, you'll ride in the other wagon?

<Elisandra> (To Kasparov) "See ya."

<Elisandra> "Yeah, that's fine."

<Wimji> You bet!

* Tajna nodded. "It would be a pleasure."

<Salov> I'll introduce you to my men, who'll be driving the waggons. They are waiting outside.

* Salov turns to go, when a voice from nowhere, and yet everywhere stops him.

<=Scene=> The voice from nowhere says "Leaving without saying goodbye, Salov?"

<Salov> My Lady!

<=Scene=> The high priestess materilizes near the doorway.

*Tajna stopped dead in her tracks and felt her breath catch in her throat. She closed her eyes and thought of the ballad she heard the night before. Slowly, the melody built up in her mind.

<Salov> I simply did not wish to disturb you, I know how busy you are with everything that is going on.

<=Scene=> The high priestess looks young and revitalized, much more the way she did early yesterday than at dinner.

<HighPriestess> Nonsense, it would be rude of me not to see you all off.

* Tajna bows at the waist before the High Priestess.

<HighPriestess> As you leave, I just wanted to say to all of you one more time, how greatful I am to all of you.

<HighPriestess> Go with my blessing.

* HighPriestess waves her hands in some sort of benediction it seems.

<HighPriestess> The fate of the free world could rest upon your success or failure. I know you have it in you to succeede. I'll let you get on your way now.

* HighPriestess vanishes the same way she appeared.

<Aleric> See what I mean? Everything's a big production with her... fate of the free world...

* Aleric sighs.

<Salov> I'll overlook your rudeness towards her for the moment.

<Salov> Unless anyone has any last minute requests then?

<Elisandra> "Not really."

<Wimji> Not me, lest go!

<Tajna> I think the sooner, the better.

<Salov> Alright then.

<Salov> Lets go. I'll introduce you to my men when we get outside.

* Salov walks through the door, out into the cool, and misty morning.

<=Scene=> End session 14.
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