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The main group finally sees some combat, as it comes under attack from a group of wolves. I’m trying something different this session. Since the party is traveling in two different wagons, I decided to try having them play simultaneously but in two separate channels. I feel the result was mostly positive, though a bit stressful on the poor DM and his legion of NPC’s, some of which were in wagon 1 and some in wagon 2.

<=Scene=> Begin Chapter Seventeen.

Elissandra - Taros; Tajna - Eukara; Wimji - Rachel; Everyone else - Me.

* Salov leads the group outside to the now loaded down, and ready to go wagons.

<=Scene=> Beside each wagon are two soldiers.

<Salov> These are the people who will be accompanying us.

* Tajna nods to the soldiers

* Salov begins the introductions. This is John and Samuel. They will be with me in the lead wagon.

* John bows and Samuel simply says "Hi."

* Tajna smiles. "Hello to both of you."

<Wimji> Hiya!

<Elisandra> "Yeah... hey."

<Salov> The other wagon will be driven and guarded by Ecthelion and Jennifer.

<Jennifer> Hi, pleased to meet all of you.

* Ecthelion doesn't react at all.

<Elisandra> "Hi."

<Salov> Any last questions before we start?

* Elisandra shrugs.

<Wimji> I can't think of any at the moment.

<Salov> Very well then, lets get to our wagons and get going then.

<=Scene=> Group splits along wagon lines now.

The first part of the story is Wagon #1 - Salov, Wimji, Tajna, Samuel, and John.

<=Scene=> Begin Chapter Seventeen A

* Salov goes over to his wagon, and holds his hand out to help the ladies up.

* John goes to the front of the wagon, ready to drive it onward once everyone is loaded up, Samuel climbs into the back.

* Tajna allows Salov to help her into the wagon, even though she knows she doesn't need the help. --Goddess only knows when the next time I get to have a gentleman regard me. Better take it all in before I lose it.--

* Samuel bends down towards Wimji "Need a hand professor?"

<Wimji> Yes, please. It's not easy for me to climb into these things.

* Samuel hoists Wimji into the wagon.

<=Scene=> the other wagon begins down the path.

<Salov> Couldn't wait for us I see.

* Salov chuckles.

<John> Everyone ready back there?

<John> Jen seems to think she’s racing us somewhere chief.

<Wimji> I'm ready. Let's go!

* Tajna settles down next to her things. "As ready as I will ever be thus far."

<Aleric> I noticed, John.

<John> OK, off we go then!

<=Scene=> The wagon starts after Jen's wagon

<Tajna> "So... Wimji, did you sleep well?"

<Wimji> Reasonably well, how about you?

<Tajna> After two drinks at the Halfling run place and conversation with one of the shop owners I relaxed
enough to sleep. I woke reasonably refreshed.

<Tajna> You, um, seem to know a lot. Did you have to study long to become so knowledgeable?

<Wimji> I have devoted my entire life to my studies. Of course though, I am naturally quite gifted.

* Tajna smiles. "Well, it will be nice to have someone along that knows lots of stuff. Is there anything you specialize in?"

* Salov is spending some time talking to Samuel.

<Wimji> My specialties are in the histories of the Northlands and of the Great Wars.

<Tajna> Hmm, well, knowledge of wars will come in handy if things go as the Priestess thinks. Anything about the Northlands you find particularly interesting?

<Wimji> I find everything about the northlands interesting, but especially the diversity! Nowhere else in Arland do you have so many different races, different types of terrain, and even different types of cultures.

<Tajna> I take it that they get along... at least remotely?

<Wimji> They do, mostly...

<Tajna> Mostly, sounds better than hardly, which is what around here feels like.

<Salov> Nowhere do they get along as well as they do in our province though. I think The Lady has a lot to do with that.

<Tajna> Well, yeah, but your province isn't where I grew up. That place is special, more so than anywhere else I have been.

<Tajna> Wish the world was like your province.

<Salov> I hear the southeast can be pretty bad.

<Salov> Actually, most of Mithrim can be pretty bad nowadays.

<Salov> The poor excuse for a king we have now doesn't help matters.

<Tajna> Psh, as if he cares for places like Arlington. That place is dirty, underhanded and backstabbing.

<Tajna> --I should know. My job was to make sure it stayed that way.--

<=Scene=> The wagon has been traveling for a while now, and comes to a stop. "Time to rest the horses and have lunch" says the driver.

<=Scene=> End Chapter Seventeen A.

This is the second wagon, containing Jennifer (Jen), Ecthelion (sleeping - the poor DM can only play so many people at once!) Aleric, and Elisandra.

<=Scene=> Begin Chapter Seventeen B.

* Aleric bounds over to his assigned wagon and holds out his hand to help Elisandra up.

* Jennifer goes to the front of the wagon, Ecthelion climbs into the back. "I need to rest as much as possible, since I'll be on first watch tonight" he says.

* Elisandra 's already in the process of hopping up by the time Aleric has a chance to offer her help up.

<Jennifer> Everyone ready back there?

<Elisandra> "Sure?"

<Aleric> As I'll ever be I suppose.

<Ecthelion> Just try to take it easy on the bumps, Jen. I'm going to try to get some sleep while I can.

<Jennifer> Just waiting on the other wagon to get loaded up. I don't know what’s taking them so long.

* Elisandra yawns.

<Jennifer> Heck with it, they can catch up with us.

* Jennifer starts the wagon moving.

<Aleric> So, Elisandra, from what I gathered from yesterday morning, the old lady sprang you from prison? What the heck did you do, or do you mind me asking?

<Elisandra> "Ehhhh... Some arrogant asshole noble thought he was the gods' gift to women... Got a little too pushy, so I drew my sword on him and told him to back off. He tried to teach me a lesson... and got taught one himself."

<Elisandra> "Didn't even cut off anything important, or, hell, give him anything that wouldn't heal."

<Aleric> Ah, yeah.

<Elisandra> "And that, of all things, is what got me landed in there."

<Aleric> I suppose that’s one of the few downsides to being a pretty girl.

<Aleric> Too much unwanted attention I expect.

<Elisandra> "Something like that."

<Aleric> Well, I wish I could say I was surprised.

* Elisandra shrugs.

<Aleric> The royals have been getting worse lately.

<Elisandra> "Got that right. Most of 'em are pretentious assholes."

<Aleric> Supposedly we've had a long run of good ones, or so the long lived folk say, but I've no love for this king.

* Ecthelion begins snoring softly.

<Elisandra> "Ehhh. He could be worse, I guess. Could be a hell of a lot better, too."

<Elisandra> "Greedy bastard and all, but aren't most of them?"

<Aleric> Well, I wouldn't know personally, of course.

<Elisandra> "Same, I suppose."

<Aleric> But the elves, such as live around here, tend to think we've had surprisingly good luck in that department over the years.

<Elisandra> "Why's that?"

<Aleric> The ones that I know and trust, say that, for the most part, Mithrim has had rulers that actually cared about the common folk and didn't count pennies over keeping enough military to protect its boarders.

<Aleric> That's obviously not true of this one.

<Elisandra> "Hurm... Kings like that are rare as anything."

<Aleric> Of course, the official histories say that the rulers were good too, but then again, you cant trust those.

<Elisandra> "Now, I wonder who has those written?"

<Aleric> The approved by the royal family history would hardly say they were crappy rulers now would

<Elisandra> "Yeaaahh, that's not happening."

<Aleric> Not bloody likely, no.

<Elisandra> "Soo... Guess we're going to be stuck in these carts for a while."

<Aleric> Too long for my tastes.

<Aleric> Better than walking, though. Too long of a walk.

<Elisandra> "Yeah, I guess."

<Aleric> Well, I don't fancy walking 30 miles a day. For sure not for 10 days straight.

<Elisandra> "Ehh, I'm not exactly out of shape, but that's no fun."

<Aleric> Hmm, figures we'd get stuck with the one that snores.

<Elisandra> "'s luck for you. I mean, we are stuck here in the first place."

<Aleric> Yeah, I blame mom. She needs to stop letting the old lady do favors for her, because I always end up being the one to pay them back.

<Aleric> It bloody well sucks, honestly. I feel like more of an errand boy than a priest sometimes,

<Elisandra> "Well, if it's any compensation, your company is a lot more pleasant than that of most priests."

* Aleric grins.

<Aleric> Well, I'd prefer to be spending more of my time doing what I'm trained to do, but as long as I don't have my own temple, I get to be mom's lackey I guess.

<Aleric> Mom's a good person, and I love her, don't get me wrong.

<Elisandra> "Sucks."

<Aleric> Yeah, that’s the word I was looking for.

* Aleric grins.

<Elisandra> "Mhmmm."

<Elisandra> "I'd rather be back to my normal life than going on some grand quest or something, but yeah."

<Aleric> Oh, I expect it's not so grand as the old lady makes it out to be.

<Elisandra> "Yeah. Definitely."

<Aleric> I grew up with her. Her heart's in the right place, but geez, the drama.

* Aleric frowns.

<Elisandra> "It must really start to grate after a while."

<Aleric> Grew up knowing her I should say, not with her. She's a lot older than she looks I think.

<Aleric> And Yeah, it does. It's why I tease her all the time. Guess I went a little overboard at dinner huh.

* Aleric grins yet again.

<Elisandra> "Haha, she surely didn't respond too well."

<Aleric> No, but I probably deserved it.

<Aleric> She'd never really hurt me, of course. I think she’s actually kind of fond of me in a matronly kind of way. She’d never admit it of course.

<Elisandra> "Ehhh, I'm not too fond of people doing shit like that with magic. Don't have anything against magic in general, but come on."

<Aleric> I guess she could have just kicked me out of the room. Actually, she probably should have just not asked me to dinner.

* Elisandra shrugs. "Eh, whatever. No reason to dwell on it."

<=Scene=> The wagon has been traveling for some time now, and eventually it comes to a stop. "Time to rest the horses and have lunch" says the driver.

<=Scene=> End Chapter Seventeen B.


Now, we have the rest of the session. The wagons have stopped for lunch as this begins, so everyone is present… well, except for Ecthelion, who is still sleeping!

<=Scene=> Begin Chapter Seventeen Main.

<Wimji> What's for lunch?

<Salov> Well, professor, we have a good bit of fruit, we probably should eat some of that, as it won't last forever.

* Aleric wanders over to the other group. So, everyone have a good ride so far?

<Tajna> Sure. Got to learn a bit about at least one person in this group.

* Elisandra shows up near the others.

<Wimji> It was quite pleasant.

* Tajna takes a couple citrus fruits and begins to peel one of them.

<Salov> Is Ecthelion still asleep?

<Jeniffer> Are you kidding? He'll sleep the entire trip if you let him.

* Wimji begins munching on fruit.

<=Scene=> All the soldiers including Salov laugh at that.

* Elisandra doesn't see why it's so funny.

<Salov> I guess we'll just have to not let him then.

* Tajna smiles to herself and thinks about Wimji. --I just hope she is awake enough to be company. I won't be able to sleep on the wagons and don't want to bother Salov constantly. He has better things to do.-- "Aleric, was your ride good so far?"

<Aleric> Yeah, I had a nice talk with Elisandra, and that soldier doesn't snore too loud at least.

<=Scene=> Samuel and John lead the horses over to a creek so they can drink.

* Elisandra grabs some fruit and digs in.

* Aleric says Nice sunshiny day, as he munches on an apple.

* Tajna lays down on a patch of grass and stretches out cramped muscles while finishing off the citrus.

* Wimji chomps on an apple and studies her book of cantrips.

* Elisandra stretches.

<Salov> Well, I suppose we'd better get going now.

<=Scene=> As Salov says that, a growling sound can be heard down by the lake, where the horses are being wattered.

<Samuel> Help, wolf attack!

* Elisandra draws her blade in one smooth motion.

<Salov> Everyone, hurry, we must protect the horses!

* Tajna rolls to her feet and grabs her dagger and short sword.

* Wimji readies her cho-ko-nu.

* Wimji scampers closer to the creek.

* Aleric draws his flail and charges to the defense of the horses.

* Salov draws his crossbow and charges towards the creek.

* Elisandra proceeds towards the horses, but not as fast as she can, she hangs back with the others, even though she knows she's faster.

<=Scene=> The group, minus the lumbering Wimji, who is still running towards the creek arrives to find 8 wolves attacking John, Samuel, and the horses. John and Samuel are trying to keep them away from the horses as best they can at the moment.

* John strikes at one with his longsword.

<John> #roll hit
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Aleric: 6>

* John Misses badly.

<Samuel> #roll hit
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Aleric: 5>

* Samuel fares no better with his strike.

* Jen charges screaming, trying to get the wolves attention away from the horses!

<Jen> #roll hit
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Aleric: 4>

* Salov whips out his crossbow and fires.

<Salov> #roll hit +6
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Salov: 10> +6

<Salov> #roll hit +6
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Salov: 11> +6

<Salov> #roll 1d6+4 damage
<RPGServ> <Results for Salov [1d6+4]: 9> damage

<Salov> #roll 1d6+4 damage
<RPGServ> <Results for Salov [1d6+4]: 6> damage

<=Scene=> One wolf drops.

<Salov> Aleric charges with his flail.

<Aleric> #roll hit +3
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Aleric: 15> +3

<Aleric> #roll 1d8+2 damage
<RPGServ> <Results for Aleric [1d8+2]: 5> damage

<Aleric> #roll 1d6+4 damage
<RPGServ> <Results for Aleric [1d6+4]: 5> damage

* Aleric grazes a wolf, who turns to confront Aleric.

* Tajna watches as three of the wolves are left still able to get to the horses and she acts quickly. Tajna gets into position to throw her daggers in attack and to draw their attention away from the horses.

<Tajna> #roll hit +4
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Tajna: 1> +4

<Tajna> #roll hit +4
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Tajna: 7> +4

<=Scene=> Tajna's daggers miss, the first one so badly it actually strikes John, but it looks like he is still ok.

* Elisandra approaches the wounded (Aleric's) wolf, and slashes at it.

<Elisandra> #Roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Taros: 8> +2

<=Scene=> Elisandra misses by a fair margin.

<=Scene=> The wolves bite at their chosen prey. One lands a might bite on Samuel, who howls in pain, and two of them get bites in on the horses. The horses are still ok for the moment though.

<=Scene=> One of the horses connects two mighty hoof blows against one of the wolves, staggering it.

* Wimji fires two shots at the wolf attacking Samuel.

<Wimji> #roll hit
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Wimji: 2>

<Wimji> #roll hit
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Wimji: 17>

<Wimji> #roll 1d6 damage
<RPGServ> <Results for Wimji [1d6]: 4> damage

<=Scene=> The wolf turns and looks at Wimji and snarls in her general direction.

* Elisandra slashes twice at the wolf she attacked last.

<Elisandra> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Taros: 5> +2

<Elisandra> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Taros: 12> +2

<Elisandra> #roll 1d8+2
<RPGServ> <Results for Taros [1d8+2]: 10>

<=Scene=> The wolf attacking Aleric... dies.

* Elisandra slashes once, missing, but then deftly lashes out, severing the wolf's head with a single blow.

* Tajna draws her dagger, abandoning the throwing daggers, not happy with her first attack and attacks the wolf that is facing John.

<Tajna> #roll hit +3
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Tajna: 5> +3

<Tajna> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Tajna: 18> +2

<Tajna> #roll 1d6 +5
<RPGServ> <Results for Tajna [1d6]: 1> +5

* Salov decides to help the wounded horse.

<Salov> #roll hit +6
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Salov: 1> +6

<Salov> #roll hit +6
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Salov: 18> +6

* Salov 's first shot hits Jen pretty Squarely, but she's still going.

* Salov 's second shot connects against its target.

<=Scene=> The wolf crumples to the ground.

<Salov> #roll hit John
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Salov: 3> John

* John misses badly again.

<Salov> #roll hit Samuel
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Salov: 8> Samuel

* Samuel misses badly again too.

<Salov> #roll hit Jen
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Salov: 14> Jen

<Salov> #roll 1d8 damage
<RPGServ> <Results for Salov [1d8]: 8> damage

<=Scene=> Jen neatly cleaves a wolf in two.

* Aleric moves over to help Samuel.

<Aleric> #roll hit +3
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Aleric: 14> +3

<Aleric> #roll 1d6+4 damage
<RPGServ> <Results for Aleric [1d6+4]: 10> damage

<=Scene=> The wolf that was attacking Samuel Drops.

<=Scene=> The remaining wolves attempt to flee.

* Tajna rushes a wolf, both dagger and short sword ready to slash it to pieces.

<Tajna> #roll hit +2
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Tajna: 11> +2

<Tajna> #roll hit +3
<RPGServ> <D&D hit roll by Tajna: 14> +3

* Tajna struck the wolf with her short sword, ripping it across the beast's back. As the wolf howled and reared back, she plunged her dagger in its body and turned it roughly in the wound before tearing it from the wolf's body. --I should have been able to do more, damn it all.-- She turned and stalked away from the dead wolf in search of the two daggers from the beginning.

* Elisandra calmly wipes her blade off on the wolf she beheaded.

<=Scene=> The horses kick at the 2 remaining wolves as they try to flee. Both horses connect with both hooves. One of the wolves drops, but the last one manages to dart away from the fray.

<Aleric> Well, wasn't that fun. We've barely gone fifteen miles and already we run into trouble.

* Tajna grunts an acknowledgement.

<Elisandra> "Eh..."

* Wimji sniffs "I barely got to use my cho-ko-nu."

<Salov> You're pretty good with that thing.

<Aleric> Well, who's hurt?

<Elisandra> "Not I."

<Jennifer.> I've felt better.

<Samuel> I hurt like hell.

<Wimji> I'm good to go.

<John> I'd be fine if the Capitan had better aim.

* Aleric throws a healing spell on all injured parties.

* Aleric manages to fully heal all the injured. -- Seriously, he rolled exactly what everyone was down. I kid you not. --

<Aleric> Well, we'd best be on our way now I'd think, you agree Salov?

<Salov> Yeah, hopefully that’s the last problem we have for a while.

<Jennifer> You realize, Ecthelion slept through the entire thing?

<Salov> Yeah, I realize... we'll worry about that tonight. For now, we'd best be going.

* Elisandra holds back a snicker at that.

<Wimji> Wow, even I probably couldn't sleep through all that.

<John> Don't laugh, sleeping beauty is on first watch tonight...

* Elisandra didn't laugh.

<Salov> Eh, lets be going.

<=Scene=> End Chapter Seventeen.


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