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Another Main group session... could there be something odd about those wolves?

<=Scene=> Begin chapter Nineteen.

Elissandra - Taros; Tajna - Eukara; Wimji - Rachel; Everyone else - Me.

<=Scene=> The rest of the day's journey passes uneventfully for our band of heroes.

<=Scene=> As we pick up the action, the party has stopped for the night, just off the road to make camp.

* Aleric is busy praying off to the side of the group.

* Jennifer is busy making stew.

<=Scene=> Samuel and John are both taking a nap, so they won't fall asleep on their watches.

* Tajna goes through her stuff, still pissed off at her ill guided throws from earlier.

<Ecthelion> You know, something about what you're telling me doesn't make sense.

<Salov> Eh, what doesn't make sense, that's the way it happened.

<Ecthelion> Well, the part about the wolves attacking the horses, that makes sense.

<Ecthelion> Wolves are known to love horsemeat. It's a delicacy for them compared to their usual fare of mice and such.

<Ecthelion> But it's unusual for them not to just run away once you all came down to confront them.

<Ecthelion> Wolves usually only attack humanoids or other intelligent species when they are cornered, and unable to run away.

<Salov> So, what's your point?

<Salov> You don't suppose... they couldn't have been rabid, could they?

<Ecthelion> I certainly hope not... but we better be prepared for the possibility.

<Salov> I don't really know much about rabies...

<Aleric> I've dealt with it before. You want the good news?

<Aleric> It'll take at least a few weeks to incubate, if they were carrying it.

<Aleric> So, there's plenty of time for your man to get a cure disease.

<Aleric> I'd suggest this. We're 3 days from Gainesville. When we get there, I suggest you replace the horse that was bitten, and have your man ride it back, if the horse will bear riders, or get him another horse if it will not. Your high priestess could give him a cure disease, just to be safe.

* Salov looks at Aleric and says "You know, that sounds like a very good idea." He could make it in just over a day on horseback. If he started early enough, he wouldn't even have to sleep."

<Ecthelion> In the end, I don't think they'll wind up being rabid. Usually, they don't stay in a cohesive unit when they are, but... better to be safe I expect.

<Salov> I don't know whether to find that comforting or not. If what you say is true, and they are not rabid then what...

<Ecthelion> I don't have an answer for that one chief, sorry.

<Tajna> Then perhaps they was more to the attack than just wild animals looking for a meal.

<Ecthelion> That could be. They weren't wargs were they?

<Salov> They sure didn't LOOK like wargs.

<Ecthelion> Hmm… How's the stew coming along Jen?

<Tajna> Hmmm, I am a pretty good cook. Is there anything you need help with, Jen?

<Jennifer> It's coming along fine, Ecthelion, and no, Tajna, but thank you. Perhaps you'd like to make something tomorrow night then?

* Tajna smiles. "I would like that actually. Maybe I can make up for my shoddy performance this morning with a good meal."

* Aleric goes back to praying.

<Salov> So, professor, how was your first day of traveling?

<Wimji> It was alright, I suppose. Shame that I was only able to get one attack on the wolves. Would've liked to see a bit more of what my cho-ko-nu can do in real action.

* Salov chuckles. Yeah, I bet.

<Wimji> Hopefully I get another chance very soon.

<Salov> Be careful what you wish for, professor.

<Wimji> Whatever it may be, I'm ready for it.

<Salov> Lets hope so.

* Elisandra shakes her head at the overconfidence.

<Ecthelion> So, Elisandra, you're awfully quiet tonight. Anything on your mind?

<Elisandra> "Uhh... Not really. You guys seem to have the serious whatever covered."

<Elisandra> "I don't know anything about wolves or rabies or any of that."

<Ecthelion> Ummm, ok.

<=Scene=> A few minutes pass, a strange silence pervading the group, perhaps worried about poor Samuel, or perhaps for other reasons. Eventually, the silence is broken by Jen.

<Jennifer> Dinner's ready.

<Jennifer> Squirrel stew, help yourself. I'll get some ale and some mugs down from the wagon.

<Tajna> Oh nice, I am hungry and love rabbit.

* Wimji fills her bowl with a generous portion. "This looks rather tasty."

* Elisandra grabs a bowl of the stuff.

<=Scene=> Jennifer does just what she said she was going to do, and returns with the newly awakened John. Samuel, it seems, preferred to stay asleep.

* Tajna takes her bowl and sits down to eat.

* Wimji casts Chill on the ale.

<Wimji> Can't have that be warm now can we?

* Aleric fills up a bowl and goes for the ale as well.

* Salov does the same as the others.

* Tajna stops eating and stares at Wimji out of the corner of her eyes.

<Salov> Nothing like a nice cold Ale, thanks professor.

<Wimji> No problem.

<Aleric> This is really good Jen, thanks.

* Wimji sips some ale. "Ahhh... That hits the spot."

* Jennifer blushes a little over the remark from Aleric.

<Salov> Three more days ride till we get to Gainesville.

<Aleric> Anyone ever been there before?

<=Scene> None of you pc types have.

<Elisandra> "Uhh, no."

<Tajna> No, not that I know of.

<Wimji> Can't say that I have.

* Salov shakes his head. "I've never been out of the Arlington area before."

* Jennifer shakes her head.

<John> Well, I have.

<Aleric> It's a strange place, don‘t you think John?

<John> Very. The town grew up by trading with the lizard men.

<John> Gainesville trades them stuff like tools and weapons and livestock, and the lizard men trade them crafts and jewelry back. Lizard man jewelry is all the rage these days, believe it or not. It's really bizarre. It wasn't that long ago that we thought of the lizard men as total barbarians, you know.

<Salov> Well, it should make for an interesting place to visit and have a look around I guess.

<Aleric> It's unique for sure.

<Tajna> Hmmm, I have always wanted to meet a Lizard man... will we have that opportunity?

<Salov> I don't know. Possibly. If not in town, then perhaps on the route. We'll soon be near the swamp. The road runs just a few miles from it along most of our trip.

* Aleric finishes his stew.

<Aleric> Well, that was great, thanks Jen. I think I better hit the hay. Never know when I might be called on to heal again, and I better get my sleep.

<Tajna> So, Salov, that means that any meeting up with them will be peaceful?

* Elisandra is more focused on the food than on the discussion.

* Aleric goes off and lays down.

<Salov> Well, I'd hope so.

<Salov> I'd stop well short of calling them allies, but, we've been at peace with them for the last two hundred years or so. Their technology and education level improved around that time.

<Tajna> Well, I only ask because, quite frankly, with what we just left, everything seems suspicious.

<Salov> You mean the wolves behavior? You could be right, or we could all just be being very paranoid.

<Tajna> No, not just that.

<Tajna> I mean further back. The rescue of myself from prison, the priestess and this journey...

<Tajna> Nothing seems normal, if that is even a state of things.

<Salov> I suppose it must have been a very disconcerting two days for you, for all three of you. Though, I’m starting to wonder if anything ever really phases the professor.

<Jennifer> Well, bedtime for me as well I think. You all have a good night.

* Jennifer retires.

<Salov> Well, anything I can do for any of you before I go to bed as well?

<Elisandra> "Nah."

<Wimji> Can't think of anything.

<Salov> Well, goodnight then ladies. If you do need anything, Ecthelion and John will be up for a while, and later in the evening Jen and Samuel will be up.

* Salov goes off to sleep.

* Tajna stands up and walks over to Ecthelion and John. "Do you two need anything? If not, I think I am going to call it a night."

<Wimji> Might as well go to bed myself. I'm pretty worn out.

<Elisandra> "Yeah. I don't see any reason for me to stay up..."

<=Scene=> The group gradually drifts off to sleep, except for those on watch (fortunately!)

<=Scene=> During the night you are attacked by...

<=Scene=> nothing at all. =D

<=Scene=> At dawn, you are all roused in turn by Jen, who then lays down to take a nap while Ecthelion lays out some fruit and some jerky for everyone.

* Tajna grabs a little jerky and some fruit and sits nearest the wagon to eat.

* Aleric stretches and begins praying as the sun comes up.

* Jennifer seems to be having some trouble waking Wimji.

* Elisandra 's stops with her sword halfway drawn, upon the 'wakeup'. Paranoia? Perhaps justified, considering a certain line of work.

<Jennifer> Are you ok professor?

* Jennifer looks worried.

* Wimji rolls over and continues to sleep.

* Tajna tries to ignore everything while she is eating.

<Salov> Just leave her Jen, she's notorious for this.

<Salov> They told stories at the college about how she had trouble getting up for classes first thing...

<Salov> in the afternoon.

<Ecthelion> A little sleep never hurt anyone. If she's still like that when I'm done eating, I'll just carry her to one of the wagons and lay her down on my way to lay myself down.

<Jennifer> Oh Eck, sometimes you're impossible.

<Ecthelion> Only sometimes? I guess I'll have to work on that.

* Jennifer throws her hands up in disgust.

* Aleric finishes praying and comes over.

<Aleric> I hope you saved me some.

<Jennifer> Of course, Aleric.

* Jen smiles.

* Salov says to Tajna quietly "You know, I think Jen's kind of sweet on Aleric."

* Tajna looks at him and then at Jen. "Hmm, now that you mention it... it does look that way."

<Tajna> Though, Salov, I fear that it isn't reciprocated. He pays a lot of attention to Elisandra. Even if it means nothing beyond friendship, Jen loses his company because of it.

* Aleric grabs his food and sits down next to Elisandra.

<Salov> I think you're probably right in that. Poor Jen, while not bad looking, is certainly at a disadvantage in this instance.

* Tajna nods. "No, she isn't. But yeah, Elis provides a much more interesting distraction for Aleric. And they both seem to get along really well, which is good I guess."

<Salov> Whatever makes them happy. Personally, I don't care much for Aleric. He's far to disrespectful to The Lady… and some other people and things come to that, but he does seem to be an ok person other than that. He's certainly a good healer.

<Tajna> Yeah, his behavior while with the Lady didn't thrill me either. She is a priestess and as such deserves respect no matter what. One thing I did retain from childhood was that teaching. I do appreciate his willingness to heal though.

<Aleric> So, did you sleep well Elisandra?

<Elisandra> "Decently, you?"

<Aleric> As well as could be expected in the back of a wagon I guess.

<Aleric> At least it wasn't moving.

<Elisandra> "Yeah."

<Aleric> I dono how the heck Ecthelion sleeps in a moving wagon especially on this road. You'd think the king could spare a FEW crowns on it.

<Elisandra> "Eh... I could, if I was really tired, I guess."

<Elisandra> "And he probably could."

<Aleric> I guess I could... I'd probably have to be drugged on this road though.

<Elisandra> "I'm sure you could sleep anywhere if you were dead tired enough... not that it'd be fun."

<Aleric> No, the "fun" would come when I woke up with a crick in my neck or my back likely as not.

<Elisandra> "Yeah, I can imagine."

* Ecthelion finishes eating, and goes over and picks up the professor gently like.

* Wimji wakes up and yawns quite loudly. "Good morning everyone."

* Ecthelion sets the professor down.

<Ecthelion> Well, then, I'll be off for my nap. Good night all.

* Ecthelion departs.

* Salov finishes eating. “Well, Samuel and I will get everything packed up and ready to go then.”

<Tajna> Alright. Anything I can do?

<Salov> Well, nothing much. You could take a look at the food and plan what we're having for dinner, since you volunteered to cook it. We'll get everything stowed fine on our own though.

<Tajna> Alright, I will do that then.

<Salov> Oh, professor, you're awake.

* Elisandra stretches, yawning in the process.

<Salov> We're getting ready to leave, better get some breakfast quick.

<Wimji> Right then, I'll do that.

<=Scene=> The knights start packing everything up.

* Tajna checks through the food and sees a few potatoes and plenty of citrus. "Well, Salov," she calls over her shoulder, "if we have a fisherman among us, I may have just the thing for dinner."

<Salov> Ecthelion likes to fish. One of the other two guys could probably be talked into doing it as well.

<Salov> We have rods and hooks for three I think.

<Tajna> OK, well I will make sure that I am nice to them all day, so that they will do me that favor and round us up some fish.

<=Scene=> A few moments later, the knights have finished packing, and everything is ready to go.

<Aleric> Well, looks like we're headed out Elisandra. Ready?

<Elisandra> "Yeah."

* Aleric heads over to the wagon. He's learned not to bother offering to help the independent girl up.

* Elisandra stands up and heads off after him.

<=Scene=> Jen and John both climb up into the wagons, ready to drive.

<Salov> Come on professor, I'll help you up.

<Wimji> Thank you Salov.

<Salov> You next, Lady Tajna.

<Tajna> --Lady Tajna. Will I ever get used to that?-- Thank you Salov.

* Salov hollers over to the other wagon. "Everyone ready over there Jen?

<Jennifer> We're ready over here.

<Salov> OK then, lets get going!

<=Scene=> The wagons begin to move down the badly in need of repair road. Day two of a four day journey from Zanxia's Keep to Gainesville begins under a bright, and mostly sunny sky.

<=Scene=> End Chapter Nineteen.
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