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An uneventful day of travel from the Main group.

<=Scene=> Begin Chapter Twenty One

<=Scene=> When last we left our main group, they had just gone to bed (those on watch excluded). Nothing exciting happened during the night. It is now dawn of the third day of the trip. Jennifer has woken up early to go check her traps to see if she's caught any small furry breakfast animals, the rest of you are just waking up now.

* Aleric yawns.

* Tajna remains lying down, though goes through a complex round of stretching.

<Salov> Good morning everyone.

<Aleric> You feeling better today Elisandra? You looked a little pale yesterday.

<Taros> "Eh? I have no clue what you're talking about."

* Elisandra is more awake than she looks.

<Elisandra> "Er... I'm fine, that is."

<Aleric> Maybe it was nothing, you just looked a little tired is all. You look fine today though.

<Aleric> Can't say as I'd blame anyone for feeling a bit off riding in a wagon down these roads. Stupid king has just about let the road disappear honestly.

* Wimji yawns loudly. "It's far too early for me to be awake." She falls back asleep.

<Elisandra> "I'm fine." A little more snappily than she intended. Her voice softens a little. "Yeah... And it's not like it'd cost him his kingdom to keep the roads in half decent form."

<John> You know, we should work out the rules for a sleeping contest. Do you think the professor or Ecthelion would win?

<Tajna> Depends on if sound is included in the contest...

<Ecthelion> Har, har. Make fun of the guy on first watch who happens to need his beauty sleep.

* Elisandra stands up and stretches.

<Tajna> Hey, as long as you use those fishing skills, I have no reason to tease you.

<=Scene=> Jen comes up carrying a couple of rabbits.

<Tajna> Oooh! Yes!

* Tajna clears her throat and looks around, slightly self-conscious. She gets up and joins Jen.

<Aleric> Beauty sleep Ecthelion? I'd hate to see how bad you looked if you didn't get that out.

<Jennifer> You know Aleric, I was considering letting you have some of the rabbit after all, before you made that crack.

* Elisandra sits down on the edge of a cart and idly plays with a throwing knife.

<Aleric> Oh come on.... I only said what you were thinking too.

<Jennifer> No comment.

<Jennifer> So, who want's to help me clean these so I can get a nice rabbit stew started?

<Tajna> I will, Jen.

<Jennifer> Great. Lets get started then.

<Salov> I'm going to go water the horses myself. I'll be back in a bit.

* Aleric wanders off and starts doing morning prayers.

* Tajna goes with Jen to clean the rabbits. "Very nice catch"

* Samuel silently gets up and helps Salov with the horses.

<Jennifer> Thanks. My family were trappers before we moved into the Arlington area, so naturally they taught me everything.

<Jennifer> Hmm, do you think carrots or onions this morning? Or both?

<Tajna> Both, just in case lunch is a quick one.

<Tajna> Not to mention, both will enhance the flavors

<Jennifer> Very well might be a short one, the way I understand it. We're a little behind where we should be I think.

<Tajna> Then, we definitely need to bulk up breakfast.

<Ecthelion> We are behind, yes. We'll probably end up traveling up until sunset tonight, unless we absolutely find someplace we can't pass up for a campsite.

* Ecthelion reaches into his pack and produces a map.

<Ecthelion> See, we're here currently.

*Ecthelion points to a particular point on the map.

* Tajna looks at the map.

<Ecthelion> We'd hoped to be here by now.

* Ecthelion points to another point on the map which is further on.

<Ecthelion> Where we wanted to be is nearly halfway to where we're going. I know the captain doesn't want to make this a five day leg of the trip, so we'll probably just stop long enough for some fruit and jerky this afternoon, or, in other words, just long enough for the horses benefit.

* Tajna nods. Well, I think we can manage. A hearty Breakfast and good dinner will be all we need, really. Some of us are used to this kind of stuff.

<John> Just have to remember it's a business, not a pleasure trip eh?

<=Scene=> Time passes. The women make quick work of skinning the rabbits, and Jen gets the cooking pot down and starts a fire. The men return with the horses.

<Salov> Better make this a good breakfast Jen. I think we're going to practically ride through lunch today.

<Ecthelion> I already told them that was the plan.

* Aleric finishes his morning prayers.

<Aleric> So, Elisandra, you have any plans for our day in the city once we get there?

<Elisandra> "Not in specific. You?"

<Aleric> Not really.

<Aleric> There isn't a temple to my god there, or I'd visit.

<Elisandra> "Ah."

<Salov> Don't plan too many fun activities folks. We might have to do some information gathering when we get there.

<Aleric> Bah.

<Tajna> Sounds fine to me. Not like I have much of anything to do anyway.

<Elisandra> "Eh. Alright."

<Sameul> Well, I WAS hoping to get a bit of gaming in, before...

<Jennifer> Don't worry Sam, you're going to be fine.

<Tajna> Hey Jen, do we have anything peppery?

<Jennifer> Yeah, there's some peppercorn in the wagon somewhere. I'm not big on using it much myself, so you might have to hunt for it.

<Tajna> That's fine. I don't want to put too much, but peppercorn does do something interesting with Rabbit.

* Tajna rifles through supplies looking for the peppercorns.

<=Scene=> Tajna has no trouble finding them.

* Tajna uses the hilt of a dagger to crush the peppercorns on the side of the pot and then lets just a small amount fall into the stew. "There, not to much, but enough to give it a kick. Which we will need to stay awake while traveling on a full stomach! I will hold onto the rest for myself or anyone else who wants more pep."

<Salov> You know Sam, you could probably get some gambling in before you go home.

<Ecthelion> Probably better for him if he didn't, chief. He's not very good at it.

<Samuel> Hey, that's not very nice Ecthelion.

<Ecthelion> Sorry, Sam, but it’s true. I’m just trying to look out for you...

<Jennifer> I seem to remember you're pretty good at card games though, right Ecthelion?

<John> Eck usually wins just about anything he plays actually. I kinda think he gets sent on missions abroad a lot because he's good at things like fishing, map making, gaming and odd stuff that most of us just arent very good or experienced at.

<Aleric> If he's as good at gaming as he is at sleeping, he should play while we're there.

<Salov> You know, you could have said fishing instead of sleeping...

<Aleric> Yeah, but it's funnier my way.

* Aleric grins.

* Elisandra suppresses a snigger.

* Ecthelion laughs, even though the joke was at his expense.

<Jennifer> Eck, stop. You're encouraging him...

<Ecthelion> Eh, sorry Jen, it was kind of funny…

<=Scene=> A little bit of time passes. Jen announces the stew is done!

<Ecthelion> I guess I should go pick up the professor. Carrying her to the wagon seemed to wake her the last time.

* Tajna gets a bowl, fills it up. She nods and smiles to Jen and then goes to sit on a rock closer to the trees.

* Ecthelion goes over and does just that.

* Aleric eats some dry rations and an apple, seeing as how Jen has banned him from the morning stew. The woman just doesn't appreciate a good sense of humor!

* Elisandra grabs a bowl of stew, fills it up, etc, then sits down to eat.

<=Scene=> The male soldier types, minus Ecthelion, fill up their bowls and begin eating. Jen gets her bowl last.

* Wimji shifts, mumbles incoherently, and continues to sleep.

* Ecthelion carries Wimji towards the wagon she rides in.

<=Scene=> Seeing as how not even being picked up and carried wakes the professor this morning, Ecthelion drops Wimji off gently into her wagon, and returns to get breakfast for himself.

<Salov> She's really out of it this morning it appears.

* Tajna watches the group as she eats.

<Ecthelion> Yeah, I didn't even notice her having a lot to drink at dinner or anything, I dono.

<Aleric> I guess I have to give Wimji the nod for best sleeper over Ecthelion so far.

<Aleric> You know Jen, I'd like to say that your cooking this morning was much better than yesterday.

<Jennifer> How the hell would you know, you haven't had any.

<Aleric> No, but if you let me have some, and it was better, then I could say it.

<Jennifer> Oh geez, you can have some if there's any left when the others have had all they want, ok?

* Aleric smiles "Better offer than I'd hoped for, so I'll take it."

<=Scene=> More time passes. Breakfast is consumed, and a small amount is left for Aleric.

<Aleric> You know, Jen, I'd have to say... it really is better than yesterday.

<Aleric> Tastes like you added some peppercorn. It made a big difference. Great idea.

* Tajna shakes her head slightly. -He is going to get it. Not sure if I want to be here when he does. Everyone seems to get along, but I wonder if what we see is what is really here._

* Jennifer gets a rather angry look on her face and storms off.

* Aleric looks puzzled.

<Aleric> What did I say wrong now?

<Elisandra> "... Some people need to learn to calm down a bit. I have no clue."

<Tajna> Aleric, she didn't add the peppercorn...

* Tajna gets up and follows after Jen

<Aleric> Ah... well, maybe I'll get her something nice from town when we get there. I really didn't mean to hurt her feelings, not this time anyway.

<Salov> She'll get over it.

<Salov> Anyway, we should get ready to go.

<Aleric> I'll clean the cooking stuff for her, maybe that'll help a little.

<Salov> Couldn't hurt...

<Tajna> Hey Jen? Don't take Aleric personally.

<Jennifer> I'd prefer to personally leave him, rather than take him personally, impersonally, or otherwise, but I doubt Salov could be convinced to do that

<=Scene=> The soldiers begin packing everything up.

<Tajna> I understand, but he has his place, as we all do. Maybe next time, we could spice his stew for him just right. *Tajna winks*

* Jennifer laughs

<Tajna> Come on, let's get going. Dishes probably need to be washed.

<Jennifer> Maybe we could get the professor to do that with her little joke spells. I'll have to talk to her about that later.

<Tajna> Ahhh, well, warn me first, will ya. Just so I know to make for the hills.

* Jennifer looks puzzled.

<Jennifer> Why would you need to do that? Her cantrips are mostly harmless.

* Tajna flushes crimson. "I... um..." She looks down. "I have this thing with magic. Let's just ay I am not a big fan of it."

<Jennifer> How in the world did you wind up working for the priestess of the goddess of magic then? Or should I ask?

* Tajna sighs.

<Tajna> She did me a favor, despite knowing my, um, feelings. Now I owe her.

<Jennifer> Ah, I'm sorry... I guess... I don’t know what to say.

<=Scene=> The women arrive back at camp to find Aleric almost done cleaning the cooking stuff.

* Elisandra was so there all along, back to playing with a knife boredly.

<Aleric> Look, I know you may not believe it, but I didn't know. Sorry.

<Jennifer> Whatever. Thanks for cleaning up I guess.

* Salov shows up from the wagon area.

<Salov> Everything else is packed. You about done with that Aleric?

<Aleric> Yeah, I'm done with it now. If everyone helps me carry it back, we're ready to go I guess.

* Tajna grabs a few things and heads to the wagons.

* Jennifer grabs some stuff and heads over.

* Salov does likewise.

* Aleric picks up the rest and heads over.

<=Scene=> With the cooking stuff stowed, the party is ready to go. Ecthelion is already asleep in his wagon, while Wimji is STILL sleeping in hers. John is already up in his wagon, ready to go, and Jen climbs up in hers as soon as she's stowed her stuff.

* Elisandra climbs into the wagon.

* Salov calls out loudly so all can hear. Everyone ready?

<Elisandra> "Yes."

* Tajna takes one last look around, as if trying to will herself to remember the wild. She turns to her wagon and gets in. "Yes"

<=Scene=> Everyone else who is awake says they are ready, and the wagons begin rolling. The lead
wagon (the one with Salov, Wimji, Samuel, and Tajna in the back) is pretty quiet during the morning ride, what with Wimji and Samuel sleeping, and Salov looking over some papers and maps.

* Tajna curls up in the corner of the wagon and pulls out the stones that she bought. She rolls them around in her palm and admires them.

<=Scene=> Meanwhile, while Ecthelion sleeps in the back of wagon #2, Aleric talks to Elisandra for a bit.

<Aleric> Geez, I really didn't mean to upset the woman so much, you know?

<Aleric> I mean, I teased her a little yesterday, but I stopped when she got offended. And that thing this morning really WAS an accident.

<Aleric> Did I seem obnoxious to you, Elisandra? Or is she just over reacting?

<Elisandra> "Obnoxious? Eh, I didn't think you were being obnoxious."

<Elisandra> "I don't sweat the small stupid things though."

<Elisandra> "And I didn't realize she hadn't added those either."

<Aleric> I didn't think I was bad today at all really. I mean, I made fun of Ecthelion too, but he didn't care.

<Aleric> Truth be told, that Ecthelion actually a quite useful chap, though you definitely would not think it to look at him would you?

<Aleric> Doesn't look the studious type, but he's pretty smart on a lot of subjects, and he's good at fishing, and some other odd things. I'd never have suspected he'd be good at gambling.

<Aleric> You ever gambled much?

<Elisandra> "A little, occasionally."

<Aleric> Well, maybe that would give you something to do when we get there, though Salov seemed to hint he had plans for us. I don’t know.

<Elisandra> "I tend to hang around the seedier taverns, though."

<Aleric> Ah, so, you were probably one he had in mind when he mentioned gathering information? I immediately thought he was talking mostly to that Tajna, since she's a thief aparently.

<Elisandra> "Probably."

<Aleric> I dono, if the lady is so good at reading the future as she'd like you to believe, doesn't seem to me that she'd need to have people out "gathering information", but again, I dono.

* Elisandra shrugs. "Hell if I know."

<Aleric> Well, as I have no real plans, I suppose I'll go with you if you want. If I'm getting in the way, though, just let me know and I'll let you do your thing.

<Elisandra> "Alright, 's fine by me."

<Elisandra> "You don't seem the kind to get in the way too much, 'tho."

<Elisandra> "I'm just hanging around and whatever, too... Roughly the same here>"

<Aleric> I tend not to get involved in things that are none of my affair, and since this mission hardly involves things that my god is likely to care about, I probably won't be any more involved than I need to be.

<=Scene=> The seen shifts back to the other wagon.

* Wimji rubs her eyes, sits up slowly, and mumbles "So hungry..."

* Wimji quickly notices that the wagon is moving.

<Wimji> Oh no! Why didn't anybody wake me up for breakfast?

* Wimji 's stomach grumbles. "I hope we stop for lunch soon. I'll never make it till supper."

<Salov> You know, Ecthelion TRIED to wake you up professor.

<Wimji> Well, he didn't try very hard. It's not THAT difficult to wake me up.

<Salov> Well, perhaps if you try a little harder to wake up next time... you missed out on rabbit stew too.

* Tajna looks up.

<Wimji> I hate that I missed out on that. I'll try to do a little better.

<Salov> We'll be stopping shortly for lunch, but we won't be cooking. We're only having some fruit and some carrots because we're behind schedule for this leg of the trip and cant afford to take too long today.

<Salov> Well, and there is jerky, of course, if you want some of that.

<Wimji> Just don't resort to barbaric tactics to wake me up, like shoving peppercorns up my nose. Somebody did that to me once, and I didn't stop sneezing for weeks.

<Tajna> Sounds dreadful.

<Wimji> It was. I could hardly function.

<Salov> Well, no one will be that barbaric around here I'd hope.

<Tajna> Of course not. That would be just horrid.

<=Scene=> Eventually, after what seems an interminably long ride, the wagons come to a stop.

<Salov> OK everyone, thirty minutes, no more. We need to make good progress today.

<=Scene=> The soldiers minus the sleeping Ecthelion all climb out of the wagon and stretch.

* Tajna jumps out from the wagon. "I am going to go for a jog, but will stay on the road. I am stiff and just really need to feel the wind. I will be back in time.

<Jennifer> Since we're not cooking, I'll water the horses today if its ok. Can you get a basket out to eat John?

<John> Sure Jen... can we have these tomatoes?

<Jennifer> Oh yeah, hey I'd forgotten we had those! We really packed more than we need I think.

<John> There's only a few. I didn't know if you were saving them... We could get more when we get to the city probably.

<Jennifer> Yeah, lets have those now. I'll be back shortly.

<Wimji> Ooooo tomatoes! It's been ages since I've had any.

* Jennifer disappears off to water the horses.

* John prepares a lunch basket, picnic style and sets it out on a blanket for everyone.

* Tajna jogs for about 10 minutes and then takes off in a sprint. She counts to 20 and then slows to a stop. She looks around and stretches out sore leg and back muscles. -All this riding is killing me.-

<=Scene=> Lunch passes quickly and quietly. Before you know it, its time to pile back in the carts and ride some more.

* Tajna returns and climbs in. She takes some dry rations and munches quietly.

<=Scene=> Samuel takes over driving from John, and Ecthelion manages to wake up and take Jen’s place as driver of the other wagon, allowing Jen to rest. Of note is the fact that Jen, who was driving the wagon that Aleric and Elsandra ride in, gets into the back of the wagon with Salov's group, while John takes Ecthelions spot in the back of the other wagon.

<Aleric> Geez, Jen is still mad at me I guess.

<John> Not mad, really. A bit annoyed, perhaps.

<Aleric> I said I was sorry, I don't know what else I can do.

<John> She'll get over it in a day or so I think. Just try to stay out of her way tonight.

* Elisandra yawns, honestly not seeing what the big deal was.

<Aleric> Well, I'm going to try to get some rest. Not sure if I can do it in the back of this wagon or not, but I'm going to try.

<Elisandra> "Alright."

<=Scene=> Within a few minutes, both Aleric and John are asleep.

<Tajna> Well, welcome to "our: wagon, Jen

<Jennifer> I just couldn't handle dealing with Aleric today. I don't know, maybe I'm getting too upset over nothing.

* Elisandra is soon lying down, playing with her knives again, bored.

<Tajna> Things just build up, Jen. And, if you take into account all that we are going through and that we really don't know each other, well, I can see this outcome easily.

<Jennifer> Maybe I should make him cook one night... cept we'd probably all die of food poisoning.

<Tajna> Actually, maybe you should.

<Tajna> I am serious.

<Salov> I'd suggest we could have our priest cast purify food and drink on it to make sure we didn't get sick, but he IS our priest at the moment.

* Tajna laughs.

<Jennifer> Yeah, that would be a little offensive, even considering...

<Tajna> I am really curious as to what he would cook.

<Jennifer> Do you really think I should?

<Salov> What could it hurt?

<Jennifer> Our stomachs, not to mention our taste buds.

<Tajna> We all have rations, Jen, if it is really bad. And I will volunteer to go hunting for veggies and mushrooms the next stop afterwards to replenish food supplies and to settle stomachs if it is just awful.

<Jennifer> Alright, I'll suggest to him tomorrow that he cook one day on the next leg of the trip. Not tonight, though. No more drama tonight I hope.

<=Scene=> The wagons roll on into the evening. Eventually, just before things go completely dark, the wagons come to a stop.

<Salov> Well, we're here. Still a little ways from where I wanted to be I think, but hopefully we can make it in from here tomorrow.

<Tajna> Did we at least cover a good amount of ground even if it wasn't the goal?

<Aleric> Yeah.

* Elisandra is half asleep-ish.

<Aleric> I know you elf eyed folks probably can, but it's so friggin dark I cant see a bloody thing.

* Aleric casts Light on his shield.

<Elisandra> "Thanks."

<Ecthelion> My thanks as well.

<Samuel> I'll try to get a fire up right away so we can all see better.

<Jennifer> Considering how late it is, I think I'm just going to cook something quick and simple tonight.

<Elisandra> "Fine by me."

<Salov> That’s fine Jen.

<Wimji> Sounds good so long as there's plenty of it.

<Salov> Tomorrow night, we'll be able to get some food at one of the inns.

<Salov> On the other two legs of the trip, we also shouldn't be so pressed for time.

<=Scene=> Within no time, Samuel has a fire burning, and Jen is cooking vegetable soup.

<Samuel> Did John go take a nap or something?

<Salov> Yeah, he said to wake him when dinner was finished.

<Samuel> Ah. I was hoping to talk to him for a bit.

<Samuel> He heard me talking about wanting to play cards when we get to Gainesville, and he said he'd teach me everything he knew about Three Dragon Ante.

<Ecthelion> Dude, I'm telling you, don't do it. Let the pro's like me handle the gambling.

<Wimji> Of course you know that gambling goes back many thousands of years.

* Elisandra yawns.

<Aleric> (Whispered to Elisandra) I sense another lecture coming...

* Elisandra responds in kind: "Yeeeeep."

<Wimji> Dice like-objects have been excavated that are from nearly the dawn of time.

<Salov> At least this should be more interesting than the history of fishing was last night.

<Elisandra> "Haha, maybe."

<Wimji> They have even found ancient dice that were "loaded."

<Samuel> Loaded?

<Wimji> Fixed so that they roll a certain number every time.

<Samuel> Isn't that cheating?

<Wimji> Of course. But, some think that cheating is the only way to go.

<Tajna> Of course it's cheating. how else are you supposed to make money gambling

* Echthelion laughs. "It's only cheating if you get caught rookie."

<Wimji> Card games emerged from the ancient practices of shuffling paper money.

<Tajna> But if you honor any god or goddess, they still see...

<Wimji> Of course, the early cards were very expensive, so only the rich could afford them.

<Salov> We'll, considering we're knights of Zanxia...

<Tajna> Serving and honoring. are not the same Salov

<Aleric> You know, it seems to me that people who honor the goddess of divination SHOULD be good at games of "chance."

<Elisandra> "You've got a very good point there."

<Wimji> One ancient civilization even decreed that all of it's children were to be taught how to gamble and throw dice.

<Salov> Probably one of the Arthadenian realms. Sounds like something they would do.

<Wimji> A few kings banned gambling because they felt their soldiers were spending more time gambling and less on working on drills and marksmanship.

<=Scene=> Jennifer announces that dinner is ready. This in no way deters the professor, however.

* Tajna goes to get her soup and sits on the outside edge again, just within ear shot, but not in the thick of things.

<Wimji> Another ancient civilization used gambling not only to increase personal wealth, but to also to predict future harvests and in hopes of curing the seriously ill.

<=Scene=> The Knights go to get their soup... except for Samuel, who is listening intently to the professor.

<Wimji> Many towns have used something called "lotteries" as a means for fund-raising.

<Aleric> I'm sure the goddess of the harvest loved people trying to predict future harvests with dice an shit. Heck, I'm sure Zanxia loved that too.

* Aleric chuckles.

<Samuel> So, professor, you sure seem to know a lot about gambling. Got any tips for me?

<Wimji> Quit while you're ahead.

<Samuel> Erm...

<Ecthelion> I got one for you, Sam.

<Samuel> Really?

<Ecthelion> Yeah. Don't. Leave it to us pros who know how.

* Samuel sighs.

* Elisandra grabs some food before continuing to listen.

* Samuel suddenly realizes everyone has been eating, and that if he wants any, he'd better get some now, so he goes to get some food.

<Wimji> The most popular card game nowadays is Three Dragon Ante.

<Wimji> It was invented a while back by some wizards, who lived on the coast.

* Tajna finishes and slips over to return her bowl. She then walks back to her space and finds a tree to lean against, stretching.

<Wimji> There are seventy card in the deck, and up to six can play.

<Wimji> The main strategy is to correctly estimate the value of your ante, so you can ante appropriately.

<Wimji> Oh goodness me, I've been rambling on for ages and haven't eaten a bite. I really should get some food.

* Wimji quickly goes to serve herself some soup.

<Wimji> I can't believe I got so distracted, considering how hungry I was.

<Aleric> (whispered to Elisandra) Well, I'm glad she was hungry... I was afraid she was going to tell us about all seventy cards individually the way she was going.

<Elisandra> (whispered back to Aleric) "Heh, I wouldn't have been surprised. I was never really one for gambling with cards, myself."

<Aleric> Me either.

<Elisandra> "Contests of skill are more fun than those of luck."

<Aleric> Couldn't agree more.

<Aleric> I think I'm going to turn in now, after evening prayers of course. See you in the morning.

<Elisandra> "Yeah, I'm tired too. Night."

* Tajna nods to Wimji and yawns. As she beds down she closes her eyes and thinks of the makeshift home she was forced to leave.

<Wimji> Good night all.

<=Scene=> Jen starts to clean up, but Ecthelion stops her.

<Ecthelion> Go to bed Jen. John and I will clean it up before he goes to bed. You've done a lot of work today.

<Jennifer> OK, thanks.

<Samuel> Well, I better get my sleep too, especially if I'm going to play cards tomorrow night.

<Ecthelion> Jeez Sam...

* Salov sighs.

<Salov> Let him learn the hard way, Ecthelion. Anyway, good night.

<=Scene=> Samuel and Salov both depart to join the ranks of the sleeping, leaving only Ecthelion and John awake.

<=Scene=> After he finishes cleaning up, John comes back over to where Ecthelion is keeping watch.

<John> Might as well go to bed, Eck, it's only a couple hours till my watch.

<Ecthelion> Actually, I slept a lot the last couple of days. Why don't you just go to bed and I'll do both watches tonight.

<John> You sure?

<Ecthelion> Yeah. No problem. Good night John.

<John> Thanks. good night man.

<=Scene=> The night passes uneventfully.

<=Scene=> End Chapter Twenty One.
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