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This section is a little out of date, sorry. I really will update it when life slows down!

I probably need to organize this section better... any ideas?

In order of appearance:

Salov - (NPC) A good looking fifth level half-elven fighter who specializes in the use of a crossbow. He was orphaned as a youngster and raised in the predominantly half-elven village ruled by the High Priestess of Zanxia. He's a captain of Her Lady's knights, and apparently, a perfect gentleman. He is dedicated to the "his lady", the High Priestess of Zanxia above all else in life, and would do anything for her. He's 5' 6" and has short blond hair

Elisandra - (Taros) Elisandra 's a pretty 17 year old human girl, with shoulder length, straight black hair that looks like she doesn't spend too much time taking care of it. She looks reasonably fit and athletic, and moves quite gracefully, despite her slightly unkempt appearance. She's been working with various parts of the underworld, particularly the black market, almost since she set out on her own. She has a bit of a soft spot for orphans. As the story opened, we found her in jail, ironically, for a crime she didn't commit...

By trade, she's a 1st level fighter, though during her years in the underworld, she became very adept at many things an ordinary fighter would not be likely to know. She's very skillful with a sword, fighting well both unarmored and in the dark. She's also learned how to move silently and hide in shadows, and is very adept at gathering information from people, often without them even realizing...

Kasparov - (NPC) An above average looking half-elven fighter, Kasparov fancies himself a bit of a ladies man... which is ironic, because no one else does. Think Edgar from FF VI, with the caveat that Edgar had a lot more style. He's a corporal in the High Priestess of Zanxia's knights.

Professor Wimji - (Prudence_Moon) A Rock Gnome, Wimji is a full time professor of ancient history at the College of Arlington, a part time inventor, and a connoisseur of fine beverages and fine sleeping as well. She's always wanted to travel, however, and it looks like the High Priestess of Zanxia is going to give her that chance. She's average looking to other gnomes. She stands 3' 4", has blue eyes, light gray hair, and deep tan skin.

Tajna - (Eukara) Tajna is a very beautiful half-elf, who has long black red hair and dark green eyes. Though she has elven blood, Tajna is a very tall young woman, often standing out even in human congregations. Slightly reticent by nature and possessing an inconvenient phobia to magic, she still bares the mental and emotional scars from childhood. Born to a human mother, she was raised by her until her mother married. The human man hated the half-elf child and demanded she be put away. Tanja was sold into slavery where she spent many years abused by the human slave driver until she killed him to obtain her freedom.

After escaping, she found herself very good at theft, eventually allowing it to lead to a more "professional" occupation, stealing for the rich so they could get back at their peers. Though beautiful, she has severe doubts to her own looks, mostly because of the abuse and hatred at the hands of those when she was younger. Possessing something beautiful gives her mind a faux beauty of herself in her mind, which explains why she learned gem cutting. Tajna's independence and self-reliance is of utmost importance to her. Most people will be kept at a certain distance, and though she may not be the best socialite, the few people she let's in she will die for.

Eltiana Ovetchkin - (NPC) A priestess of Ullr, god of Hunting, Archery, and Winter, "Tia" as her friends, and ONLY her friends call her, is really part nature priest, part ranger. She's a slightly above average looking Sylvan Elf. She has long, flowing coppery hair, and blue eyes (considered to be an omen of good luck among the sylvan elves), and her body is covered in tattoo depicting the season of winter. She's been away from home for a while on a mission to recruit new followers to the faith, and to visit her sister Ariana, and her nephew Ragnus. On the way back home, things get... (no, you'll just have to read the story!)

Ragnus Thorne - (Thorne) An elf of mixed sylvan and high blood, Thorne is a ranger by trade. He is the nephew of Eltiana, and son of Ariana. His father was killed by a troll when Thorne was very young, and he both hates and fears that species as a result. He's currently traveling along with his Aunt and Mother to visit Greenguard. He's never been away from home before, and is just starting to make his way in the world. Thorne stands 5' 0", and has long blond hair and blue eyes.

He likes the girl Elena, and he's very dedicated to his family. He's a stout fighter with sword and bow, and want's to learn to hunt as good as his aunt someday.

Ariana Thorne - (NPC) Sister of Eltiana and mother of Ragnus, this elf really hasn't distinguished herself in any way in the story so far. All we really know about her is that she's an astoundingly good cook, and that she's willing to help clean up whatever problems her sister gets herself into.

Elena Tal - (NPC) A young acolyte assigned to serve Eltiana while she was away from Greenguard. She's still quite young (especially so in elf years) She's just an average looking Elf of Mixed Blood (1/4 Grey Elf, 3/4 Sylvan). The high priest of Greenguard dislikes her because of her mixed heratage, and would just as soon dismiss her from the church despite her obvious talents - she's already a pretty good healer, even at her young age.

She's very protective of her "Lady" Eltiana, who took her on as a trainee, giving her a chance to remain in the church, when no one else would. She's always wanted to be a priestess and a helaer, and she knows she would have been denied the chance but for Eltiana. She does not, however, always agree with Eltiana on matters of politics and religion. She especially disagrees with Eltiana's negative views about magic. She's headstrong, but not defiant.

Alleris - (Allen) Alleris is a rather tall and muscular boy, not man. He appears to be rather young for his profession, a mere 18 years of age at current. He's unusually handsome for a fighter, although his odd, red colored eyes have a tendency to frighten people sometimes. He His hair is a color of off shade brown, which lowers down onto his shoulders with nearly trimmed bangs, straight until the end before it curls slightly.

Usually he's found in his not-so-shiny set of banded mail unless he's decided to rest somewhere in the night, in which case he has a toned physique and a body that appears to have a lot of work put into it to keep in shape. He can usually be seen in a pair of sky blue clothes that are loose fitting to his body, to not impede him, otherwise they look rather unspectacular. As well as brown shoes.

Alleris grew up in a small town, and grew up as the towns 'hero' of sorts, along with his father, a rather burly old man that protected the folk of the town. He grew up being taught that the law was always right and that we should all follow it, despite not being of massive intellect, Alleris was a boy of average intelligence, and generally forged his own opinions in secret. Laws should only be followed if they make sense.

Eventually, and after quite a few years of training by his fathers hand, he passed away, and Alleris left the town after a short time of protecting them, leaving them to the aid of another, similar boy that his father had trained, and set off in search of something more…grand, what that was, he didn't know yet. But he'd figure it out some day. With his supplies, the sword his father had given him at his 14th birthday, and his wits about him, he traveled from town to town, doing odd jobs, or partaking in missions to help the villagers, often times with monetary gain, as part of a party, or sometimes just because it was what seemed right, without money. He doesn't keep much on him really, he doesn't need it. Despite his earnings not being large, they were enough to get him by. And he continues to travel, searching for fame and riches, or perhaps something more.

Fanwick - (NPC) A burly , high level human fighter, Major Fanwick is in charge of the entire foot division of the Knights of the Church of Zanxia, answering only to General Hanibal and to The Lady herself. He's a little dry, though not humorless, and is generally considered a really good guy, especially for a commanding officer type. He's not quite as devout as some of the other knights, but he does believe wholeheartedly in Zanxia's message that all races, especially human and elf, can, and should live together in peace.

The High Priestess of Zanxia or The Lady - (NPC) A stunningly beautiful (23 Charisma) young elf maiden, with perfect features and long golden hair, she rules the entire church of Zanxia for all Aland, and she's the ruler of her own, predominantly half-elven village in a valley less than an hours ride by cart from Arlington. She appears to be involved in a great many things. In addition to being at the pinnacle of the church, she's also obviously a very high level magic user (perhaps not surprising since Zanxia is a goddess of magic), and she's not afraid to use her magic. She tries hard to impress and entertain her guests... too hard perhaps.

She's the one who arranged for Tajna and Elisandra to be let out of prison, and arranged to pay off Professor Wimji's "explosion" debit. She's also the one responsible for arranging for the defense of Arlington against the invasion that the town itself refused to believe was coming. While generally appearing to be an easy going,"I just want everyone to like me" type, she has shown a bit of a temper when betrayed. It also appears that all of her responsibilities may weighing rather heavily upon her.

Aleric - (NPC) Aleric is a 2nd level human crusader priest of a church I've yet to finish (bad DM!, Bad!). His mother is in charge of the local church (Arlington) of that deity and apparently owes the high priestess of Zanxia some favors, which often ends up meaning Aleric gets loaned out to complete said favors, something that irritates Aleric no end. He's quite sarcastic when annoyed, or forced into doing things he dislikes, and seems to be a champion in training room combat.

Petrosian - (NPC) A 3rd level fighter and a corporal in the forces of the church of Zanxia. He assists Alleris in setting up the defense of Arlington. Not much is known about Petrosian.

Raikenin - (NPC) A lizard man in the company of Chade. Not much else is known at present.

Chade - (Ronin) Description forthcoming.
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